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Ember Zola Feb 2019
The fire is set
The leaves are smoking
Through waves of regret
I see you choking
On this world gone wrong
I feel so numb
God only knows how long
Until you succumb
Your body is strong
But your heart is weak
You need to to stop looking
Only then will you find
The answers that you seek
  Feb 2019 Ember Zola
I didn’t think that you could get
used to someone’s abscene.

But here I am getting used to yours.

- leah
Ember Zola Feb 2019
Surrounded by a world of complacency
Raw emotions guarded so tight
I once thought I would never be free

Now I bare my wounds on the outside
For all the world to see
For all the world to judge me
Being in love
With someone—
As glass;
Being in love
With yourself—
As stone
Ember Zola Jan 2019
The lines of your body
with my eyes

Memorizing every

Your pulse quickens
along with
my desire

I miss you
Ember Zola Jan 2019
Stop trying to be the hero in someone else’s story.  
Be your own **** hero in your beautifully messy story.
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