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purple heart Aug 27
when you are grieving, complaining, arguing
when you think no one's watching above the clouds.

when you are so exhausted, all you want to do is sleep but can't
when you think good souls aren't around anymore

then one usual day,
something terrible works itself out.

that's when i feel pure bliss
that's when i feel i am looked after

that's when i think he's way more near than i can ever imagine
that's when i think that my existences matters.
he's there, trust me! faith is something i hold very closely to me. but sometimes it's really hard, to hold on to your beliefs. just never give up.
purple heart Aug 26
how can some people not see,
how can they not feel,
how terrible unkind and unjust
are they being.

doesn't their soul shiver?
does sound sleep come to them at night?
doesn't their heart, skip a beat?
does the unheard replies haunt them?

i wonder
they mange to breathe after.
people often forget, how to act like humans.
there should be a crash course for that.
purple heart Aug 22
i knew we wouldn't talk each day,
like we are used to now.

i didn't knew that it would,
just happen, like that
without a fight from your side,
without a reason for not letting me stay

it was the person in you that i mourn for
a person to whom i could
ask anything
say anything
cause i knew, i was understood
without ever justifying

i mourn for this person, i really do.

whom i supposed to blame other than fate?
but the heart would have felt better,
if you just tried
a bit.
you left long before you actually left,
the saddest part is i felt it,
and still couldn't or didn't wanted to do anything more,
cause i chose myself before you could have destroyed me,
like you did to yourself
purple heart Aug 21
the night sounds so peaceful;
shush, i said to myself.
the feeling i was waiting for, wanting to stay.
without a reason.
purple heart Aug 20
i don't feel myself anymore.
i don't think anything good can happen to me.
the world feels unfair and unjust.
well who can i blame dad always said,
the world is no place to expect rectitude.

so whom i supposed to point fingers at?
what am i supposed to complain about?
when all of this came in the manual.

maybe i have to let goo, and just focus on myself.
that's what most suggest.
well, i try everyday, to forgive and forgive
just to never be forgiven
just to never have anyone let goo
just never.

i am still full of gratitude.
just like time taught me, and no one else.
how are you supposed to lead a life without expecting? just how? doesn't every human require to conduct in a certain way? aren't they?
purple heart Aug 19
i wonder,
how can it be that a thing so inhuman
be responsible for us acting like one.

the soft smiles, the warm welcomes
don't they mean anything?

does my personality has any chance,
when you weighing cheque books?
can money buy kindness? can it? is my soul really "priceless", as they say?
purple heart Aug 17
anytime someone praises the qualities i own,
i feel like a trickster.
a master of deception
a queen of lies
a doomed being
that doesn't deserves anything

just criticism
is what feels fine.
am i sick?
do i need treatment?
do i need to be locked up in a cage?
do i?

please say i do.
cause that seems just alright.
cause i just feel unhappy about everything.
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