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purple heart Sep 2020
i feel bright and fresh.
one of those rare day.

so why does my mind
a supposedly friend
trying so hard
to eff it up?

is the mind same as
those two faced
whose memories
ruins the day?

are they both alike?
i wonder.
on days like this,
obviously takes away the good.
is wanting a bright shinning so unacceptable to my ego?
purple heart Sep 2020
may the universe,
understand the lies
which have been around for a while.

& declare your deal as the truth.
cause you are nothing but true.

just blamed for all the lies & crimes
for just being a little too nice.
Justice in action. Faith in self.
purple heart Sep 2020
may your days feel,
different by each passing day.

may the mundane,
not **** your dreams every other day.

may the child in you screams,
out of excitement once in a while.
May good things happen to you from now onwards. Strength for the untamed shall be provided by the almighty.
purple heart Feb 2020
it's really hard to not take things
to the heart

when all you know is how to take it
that way

protecting your feelings from all the harsh
things people do

is something not know

is something to work on

is something really hard
purple heart Feb 2020
foggy winter
dewy grass
icy pebbles

your steeps,
my steps
warmer pebbles.
purple heart Oct 2019
How are you doing today?
or Just reliving yesterday!
sometimes you just someone who would ask you this.
and the respond doesn't matter.
cause trust me the day go a bit better.
purple heart Aug 2019
when you are grieving, complaining, arguing
when you think no one's watching above the clouds.

when you are so exhausted, all you want to do is sleep but can't
when you think good souls aren't around anymore

then one usual day,
something terrible works itself out.

that's when i feel pure bliss
that's when i feel i am looked after

that's when i think he's way more near than i can ever imagine
that's when i think that my existences matters.
he's there, trust me! faith is something i hold very closely to me. but sometimes it's really hard, to hold on to your beliefs. just never give up.
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