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Lylock Mar 2018
You had kissed so lovingly
It almost made me choke
Not the kiss but when you told me
It was just a joke
Lylock Mar 2018
I stabbed you in anger
Bottle glass through your heart
The scars on my hands are irony
For now we'll never be apart
Lylock Mar 2018
Reaching for tomorrow
Is like trying to catch thunder
Time waits for no one
Until they're six feet under
Lylock Mar 2018
I keep myself good company
I learnt this long ago
When someone tries to love me
I must just tell them no
Lylock Mar 2018
You spit and curse and cry at me
You yell insults that stick fast
You wonder why we ever met
Across the looking glass
Lylock Mar 2018
Sometimes I want to scream into the night
Into the stars that will never speak back
But sometimes I write letters to the future
In silent nights
  Mar 2018 Lylock
When I tell you
I miss the past
I don't mean my youth
In which running
Across fields and roads
Was as enlightening
As reading a book on magic

I'm telling you
Crying out to you
Trying to explain to you

That I miss the past
Where I felt like my mind
Was it's own special haven
Of magical escapades
Where I didn't feel so-
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