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Mark Oslo Feb 2021
oh to be born in 1995
if it were the truth
i would have lived a little
before crawling into a cage
dreaming with eyes open
if more days were for me
quenching a torrid thirst
to see more, to taste more
please water these parched eyes
fuelled by jejunity
can you see them fuming?
Karijinbba Apr 2020
Archangel Patpàpa ruddy mine
I'll be seeing you.
Our old rddbba song.
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day and through
In that small cafe
The park across the way
The children's carousel
The chestnut trees
The wishing well taking in your daily coin twenty years?
true love how not to adore you.

I'll be seeing you darling
In every lovely summer's day
In everything that's light and gay
I'll always think of you that way
I'll find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
I'll be looking at the moon
But I'll be seeing you

But I'll be seeing you
you "youme, meyou"
my sweetest dearest love.
In Hollywood by Billy Holiday
For Karijinbba. 74-95-05/2020. revised 06-16-20
Ill be seeing you.precious beloved
because you were always back after each storm fell as gaps opened up
you loved me so thank you..
your patient spirit soul is God like
it healed my ink silences.
my thought processes.your own
thinking modes restored me
and I keep breathing connected
in disconnection.
Logan D Jun 2018
Hi, hello, how you doin?
You don't know me, but I'm around
I'm one of the uninvited
Don't be too excited

I'm the one you forgot
The one who is there but isn't
I don't say a lot
I'm present but treated like I'm distant

I'll make you laugh just so you'll like me
But I'll get old and you'll leave
Standing in a crowd like a boring tree
Roots withered, leaves falling

I'm the one who was left at the store by his parents
The kid whose dumped for better friends
Never invited unless being used for a need
There's no one left here to even make amends

Call me a book
Because I've been Left Behind
Rewritten one too many times

Not even the after thought of the after party
Heck, not even at the party
I didn't know there was one

Hope your book club was fun
Your birthday cheerful
Your hang outs cool
Your coffee talks deep

I assume its a blast
I know enough to know you do these things
But I wouldn't know what its like
I'm the uninvited
MaddHatterQueen Feb 2018
They called him,
the King of hearts, Jack Rabbit
Seneca of a legion
The angel of mercy with wings propelling love letters from its bow
sharp like the Red Jacket in my chest
The ace in my heart and I
died many times before
casted aside
I'm the message in a bottle
to be found ashore...
a lost psalm

And although the tare of my brittle hope to believe
that an angel of mercy could enlighten me of this scar,
I'll be shooting aerrows to knees collecting feathers in my palms
Killing soft melodies
Good or bad deeds
Perceptions of a woman
are no excuses.
No mercy for a man.
The movie that became everything in my life. And took control over the depths within my sceibes. The classic.. The Crow.
Terry Collett Jun 2017
Whit ur ye daein?
your mother said
outside the lavvy.

mah business
you said
leaning over
the lavvy bowl
wiping your mouth
with the back
of your hand.

If yoo're makin'
yooself boak again
I'll tan yer erse
your mother said

Aam nae
jist normal mince
you replied
leaning back
on your heels
looking at
the lavvyseat
at the rim.

Ye best nae be
haverin' tae me
she said.

She walked off.

You sensed
the acid
in your mouth.

Your head
felt hot.

You got up
and wiped
your mouth
with toilet tissue
and threw it
in the bowl.

You pulled
the chain
water flushed.

You breathed in
the dank air
stench of puke
and *****
lingered there.
Wolftrax Aug 2016
I remember the year of ’95
She was beautiful, and so right
We spent every day together
I knew it wouldn’t last forever
Those kind of things never last
But man oh man, did I have a blast

We spent the days out riding the town
Never thinking about winding down
The guys were jealous, my girlfriend too
She was such a beauty, I treated her good
So delicate and gentle, I never wanted it to end
Sadly one day, the day I dreaded, finally happened

My best friend, back home from serving overseas
Picking up his Mustang GT, after months apart
Knowing it was in good hands, never a worry
I still miss that car, it was one sweet ride
Take one for a ride, if you ever get the chance
There’s nothing like it, you’ll always remember it
Wrote this, after a dream I had.
Terry Collett Dec 2015
This is where we met,
said Lindsay, this cafe,

Kirsteen over by that
window seat, eyes down,

holding a cup of coffee,
thin fingers around it,

I eyed her, at first sight
I was drawn to her, aam

Lindsay fa ur ye? I said
sitting beside her, she

raised her head and stared
at me, what's it tae ye?

she said, I gazed at her
not giving in, ye swatch

nae weel, I said, buck aff,
she said, her eyes focused

on me, I liked her even more,
her eyes , her features, the way

she sat fiery, hoo abit comin'
haem wi' me fur a bite tae eat?

she stared at me, her eyes wild,
yet softening, what's in it fur ye?

she said, I've a braw scratcher,
I said, a bed? she said, I nodded,

she smiled, so I took her home
to my place and we ate and drank

and made love, and been together
ever since, that day to this, ***,

passion and of course the kiss.
Terry Collett Dec 2015
Kirsteen closed the door
of the toilet
and puked in the bowl,

voices outside the cubicle,

patients to and fro,
hospital cleaners
or domestics wanting to clean,

she knelt over the bowl
fingers down her throat,

someone in the next cubicle said
whit ur ye daein'?

Kirsteen said nothing,
her throat was sore,
her eyes watery,
her tongue acidy,

ur ye nae weel?
the voice said,

O, shut yer gob,
Kirsteen said,
fingers by her mouth,
eyes peering at the divide,
min' yer business,

the voice said nothing more,
a chain went
and a flush
and the door opened
and feet walked away,

Kirsteen sat on her haunches,
held the bowl,
dribble on her fingers
and sick in the bowl rose,

an image of her mother
seemed over her
thin shoulder,
ur ye bein' boak again?
her mother's voice said,

Kirsteen stared
at the facing wall,
the top was white
with a silvery handle,

she gazed at her,
her mother's face
appeared opposite,
thin drawn,
I'll tan yer backside
if ye boak again
her mother said,

smells rose,
Kirsteen puked
in the bowl once more,

a voice came
and banged on the door,

Kirsteen open up,
it's Nurse Kerr,
ur ye makin' yerself
boak again?

nae, aam nae,
Kirsteen said,

a darkness came,
a swallowing up
inside her head.
Terry Collett Dec 2015
Other girls
at the school
(boarding school)

fitted in
to the scheme
rich parents

well balanced
but Jodie

came towards
end of term
her mother

was now dead
her father
couldn't cope

drinking lots
in his grief
then one of

the teachers
a young one
named Iris

seemed to be
very close

asked questions
how she was
about her home

her mother
how she died
and she cried

(Jodie did)
and Iris
held her close

to comfort
Jodie smelt
the perfume

felt the warmth
whispered words
to console

the soft *******
by her cheek
as she lay

while in class
during maths

getting bored
the teacher
some old bird

rattled on
but Jodie

that she loved
young Iris
the teacher

that strangely
she wanted
to hold her

to smell her
to hear her
the old bird

talked about
Jodie thought

of nothing
how to get

in the bed
of Iris
if only

in her head.
Terry Collett Dec 2015
Iris turns in her sleep,
Jodie sleeps beside her,
in her dream Iris is

a 22 year old teacher again
and Jodie the 15 year old student
at the boarding school,

that night when Jodie
crept into her room and her bed,
what are you doing here?

I'm cold and lonely,
you can't come in my bed,
I need to be with you,

you can't Jodie you'll have to leave,  
I want to be warm
and not be lonely,

not here,

Iris opens her eyes,
Jodie snuggles up

to her 8 years on,
arm around her waist,
cheek against her back,

sleep sounds,
the dream repeats now
and then of back to that night,

the words echo
in the rooms of her mind,
you must leave now,

can't leave,
you must go,
need you to keep me warm,

not in my bed,
Jodie had grabbed her nightgown
and wouldn't let go,

you must go,
you must,

she didn't leave,
she stayed,
hugging her close,

an owl hooted,
moon shone through
the gap in the curtain,

you must go Jodie,
no I can't,
she stayed,

cheek on her arm,
laying there
staring in the dark,

she lay next to her,
just tonight she had whispered,
it's illegal Jodie,

tired and cold need to stay,
she slept the night,
no one knew,

but she knew,
Iris closes her eyes again,
Jodie sleeps on,

outside the downpour of rain.
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