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P Grace Thompson Oct 2014
I let the devil nearly catch me.
For I run.
Let him slide right up
next to me.
I consigned all the while he wrote
checks on me
So sure no fire could ever burn
the Lilly whiteness from my skin.
I made my bed in sin and lay
next to his evil grin
His eyes shone like his lies bold
Once highly favored son.
But what remains....come casting
Chains and chants
His nickname just for fun,
Once they called him Lucifer
you just Dunbothamenun.
If you need a note to get it....forget it.
P Grace Thompson Oct 2014
Just read me. go on
Read me ******!
Like my journal. which you took
As if it were some book!
Tore my soul down,
from my secret shelf.
I found it! where you left it.
Spine cracked and pages missing.
Forced to. reveal myself.
So go on! theif go on....
Read me!
To the ever watchful thought police....

— The End —