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Oasis May 2019
I crawled quietly off the day's activity
My head was still banging hard like the hit of a starved lover boy
Coupled with the blessing of downpour upon the earth some hours before

Retiring to my spacious room with nothing but the beauty of a carpet
Upon the supposed protection of my duvet

A merrying sound of some uninvited guests dancing towards my crib
They all beamed so well with a sweet smile on their face

Their chants wasn't victorious as it supposed to be
But a beautiful chants of conspiracy and rebellion
I cannot be a target I murmured under my large cover


I'm hurt

They all drag my flesh among each other
This is unfair
My heart cry for help but my mouth has been muted
It was suppose to be a celebration of whatever
But here they are feasting on my already tiring body

How come you all want to feast but forget your meal at home
I asked one thousand and one times
I hope I will find something within me when the sunrise

Upon this sadness
I laid myself totally for their evil party

© Wale **** 2019
Oasis Apr 2019
After a long while I believe you are here
After the dawn of the sun

I still feel the passage of your little light within
After the rain drenched me off your thoughts

I still have a strong vibe of you
The night they said you left

I still caught the tap of your palms behind me
Though it was in deep dark

But I know you for that prank
When they all believe you aren't here

I bear the strong thing within
You are not far from where I am

Yes I miss you
I miss you every bit

Day to day
Night after night

I still cry to see you once more
You left within saying a bye

I am still outside the cold
Waiting for you to come

Heed quickly to my calls
Run beyond the stale of time

Let me whisper after this long dream
That I know you are here.

Oasis May 2017
I'll be backsoon
My heart is here though nature won't let
but i am set to make myself loose
off its painful sting
I have called for father's helping hands
His aides will soon be here
so my heart rejoice in his salvation
when I'm back
I will tell you more.
Trust me I'll be back soon.
Yours truly

Wale ****
Oasis Jan 2017
i board a train

off the life pain

when i graze the space

that raised me the gain
Oasis Jan 2017
Finally the bubbling happiness in your heart burst my feet into dance
Oasis Jan 2017
Hear this my love
For all I have bear
You won't let me
come near
My words drench
clear truth
See the hopes flow
from my fainting eyes
What will my gain be
Crushing your heart
with tricks
Vain feebles like others do
The moon still lie
in wait to cloth us
with its dear blessing
and smile luck on us
gird your heart a trial
or you'll regret not trying
My heart faints still
with hopes I can wait
For a nod of hope
Let my wait worth it
soothe my broken heart
In all this rumblings
My desire is you
Oasis Oct 2016
What daze me craze
Is your faith to fate
Up above the nation's feet
Across the oceans rage
Down the land that curse
Yet mind stands fearless
Amidst your foes rants and lies
How soon shall you come
Into the land of rest
Not until your fame flies
Up abroad its stage
With eyes full of many
Unriped aborted response
Maami thought you craze
Papa says you'll fail
Uncle lays await
Of your failed mistake
To blow you off in mockery
And shame daze you off the way
Yet your craze raised high
In what seems unshaken
Of your faith and hopes
To make the village known
Of its giftings and raws

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