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Chapter One.

Taste the crap fully.
The corn eyes comatosed....
In between the folds of mash potato like obedience.
Fuckery makes hate great again.
The horrible rift established by
Religiously intolerant thetoric.
Reacting becomes classic.
Suffocation slowly creeps in and becomes expected.
The silence becomes tragic,
as the first amendment is shredded  into nothingness.
And soon the corn eyes begins to multiply,
as stinking crap blinds the dreams of its corn fed yellow eyes.
Remember, fake news like corn never sits well in the tummy.
Comes out at the other end.
Brown chunky oatmeal,
with corn eyes wide open looking stuck upon the mountains and mountains
of left over **** traffic coming to a sudden halt.
Where is lady liberty?
My original democracy loving tv dinner Mommy.
Who knows....
This is the diary of zombie corn eyes.

Next Week....
Chapter Two.
When a new jacking off tax becomes a liability for those professionals tryimg to make money off their favorite part time hobby.

(C) copyright 2020
The erosion of commonsense and freedom of speech
'Birthing poetic breaths into being.
Bringing forth cosmic consciousness.
Disguised as my incarnating dreams.
What a gift to me?
To become each and every day a better version of me.
These are the poetic thoughts always stirring about in me.
This is the 'Namaste  Child's State of Being.'

Copyrighted (2016)
The art of manifesting poetry onto the waiting page.
winters the rolls.
If my past childhood memories serve me correctly.
Better than playing in the wettest Christmas snow
leaves a sweet kiss behind.
My lips follows, with an expected sigh.
To again taste one of many...
the many tasty treasures left behind
by the Elusive divine.
In that very moment;
where the sweet cinnamon lubricates
my feisty lips.
All is ******* history.
Isn't it?
And so I ravaged the now decimated sweet treasure
with many sinful bites.
Smoked a cigarette afterwards.
There was a no smoking sign.
Indeed, **** and cinnamon don't mix.
On the tiny red plate, where the cinnamon rolls once lived.
a few crumbs in its wake still exists.
Confusion is typical of this kind of ish.
When you lick the mooing cows hidden dish.

Written and Copyrighted (C) 2014
by Claude Robert Hill, IV.
Consciousness pouring out of me disguised as words. I am craving cinnamon rolls.
On the front steps of my mighty mouth.
And with the opening of my Ancient Smile.
Armored in Forever LOVE.
I give to all creation.
To humanity's cause.
The comforting smile of the ages.
Now adorning this moment's keep.
The Cosmic Smile mirrored in the return
of this Cosmic Version of Me.

Copyrighted (c) 2015
The power of the smile, and its roots in divinity.
Autumn has gone.
Found at last its eternal song.
Each autumn season is different.
Your autumn song was treasured by me and the many.
The falling leaves will never know again your particular bliss.
I lost my autumn leaf
My precious Cynthia leaf.
Please don't be dead.
My mentor.
My dearest friend.
No this can't be.
Your eyes.
your smile.
Your strength is my forever family.
Tell Samantha.
That I love you both.
A part of me dies with you.
I am the last of our group.
I suppose you had to go..
I would rather have you as a friend than a foe.
You always followed the path of your cosmic soul flow.
A new angel.
A loving mommy soul.
Got You and Sammy watching over me now.
Watching over Joseph and Margaret as well.
My heart is truly broken.
To find out unexpectedly that you have passed on.
Reminds me of how precious life is.
You always taught me to live life and move on.
You will always be my autumn song.
Your magical fire and friendship ignites hope within me anew.
One day, we shall meet again.
When Father God calls me home to be with my family and friends.
My mentor passed away. I never saw this coming.
A Myspace friend at first.
Then you jumped on the Facebook wagon.
And then you became my dear friend.
Just found out you passed on.
My tears betray me.
My hurt sways me onward.
I refuse to....
Maybe someday I will finish that last sentence.
Now the sadness fills me up like a full glass of bitter tasting wine.
Can't help how I feel.
To know that I will never hear from you, and chat with you
A loss of time...
Our friendship times.
Gonna cry a lot.
My grief is going to be on the morning, afternoon and evening shifts for a while.
I love you my departed friend.
Never had a chance to say goodbye.
O I can finish that sentence now.
How are you doing?
Send me a heavenly...'Hi there!' from time to time.
Missing you. You are my veteran friend.
I send a heavenly salute to you and....
lots and lots of forever "AMENS!'
The loss of a dear friend.
A father's kiss.
For the very first time.
On my new born face.
A Mom's dawning smile
is the very first rainbow
that I ever saw.
Hanging there on her LOVING face.
Crying bliss pours out of my infant eyes.
Mommy and daddy, you are
my forever HEART!
God has given me ten tiny fingers.
Ten wiggly toes.
This sacred,
and Daddy love fills me up so!
Fills me up with precious
Baby girl hope.
I am alive!
Mommy and daddy!
Look at me!
I have arrived.
Protected by your Parental DIVINE.
Feeling all this permeating beauty  from my mommy and daddy expressed in giving LOVE.
After all, I am your baby girl gift from heaven above.
This is 'Ode to My Precious Baby Girl Love.'

Copyrighted 2016
I thought about the birth of my precious little niece.  She means the world to me.
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