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Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
go away
i dont need you
i am gay

*not mine
Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
depression is the *****  i want to punch in the ******* face
anxiety is her ******* side kick
panic dances around with them like a ******* background dancer
well have i got news
im done dancing
this is a fight i will fight
but not to the death
i will not let this **** me
#depression #anxiety #panic #panicattacks #3amanxiety #midnightthoughts
Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
her fingers ran like ink across my skin
never ceasing to keep flowing
we wrote our own stories

but one day she left
and she took our pen with her
ceasing me from ever wanting
to write stories again
Izzy Krompack Feb 2019
her vibes are quite aesthetic
but her mind is rather sick
walking the line between happy and sad
but shes found that its slick
shes fallen a few times
broken her back
now shes comfortable down there
and there's no coming back
shes tried to crawl up
but they own her now
she wants to care
but she doesnt know how
they all try to save her
but she doesnt want saved
shes too far gone
that she feels ok
Izzy Krompack Jan 2018
mommy told me
dreams could come true
little did i know
nightmares are dreams too

i went to sleep
as i was tossing and turning
my mind restless and angry
but silently churning

mommy didnt love daddy
and kicked him out
they did nothing but fight
and shout

daddy was sad
but none the less
found some copes
for all the stress

some on the street corner
and some in the sheets
he thought it was a secret
some secret indeed

i grew older
and nothing changed
if anything, if got worse
all the sorrows and pain

nothing got better
and there was nothing i could do
but never the less
found my copes too

i scarred my wrists
and ate some medication
hoping for happiness
and sedation

I woke up, tired and all
but soon realized
i wasnt asleep at all
Izzy Krompack Jan 2018
Lately I've felt,
like a broken clock,
a young soul,
that yet ceases to tock.

The thing about clocks,
you know when they stop ticking,
and with people,
you often cant tell when they stop feeling.
Izzy Krompack Aug 2017
He cupped my face in his hands
and i felt safe
He kissed me on my forehead
and i felt loved
He wrapped his arms around me
and i felt warm
He talked to me first
and i felt wanted

yours truly-
the one who you wrote you name on their heart
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