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Kryptonite Jun 2
everyday i fall deeper and deeper
into this bottomless pit of love for you
my dearest love, how you ****** me so
drawing in my mind and soul
into the depths of your never ending wonder

in bewilderment I sit, that one
so gracefully entwined with the universe
can even prove to exist
thankful to my senses to experience you

my love, I have lived years before you
But I have not felt the blood rushing through my veins
my love, I have heard the birds chirping
But I have not felt their singing in my heart

for even if one day you cease to exist
i saw colour
i heard sounds
i felt joy
i experienced love

all because
of you.
my darling, sometime you overwhelm me with love, with the connections we have, you live not only in my heart but in the seeds of my mind.
Kryptonite Nov 2020
I would be blessed to live a life
Gratefully face many years of strife
Just to be able to hold your tender face
Kiss your supple, sweet lips
Stroke your fine brown hair
spend every day in existence to
tell you in every way I can
what a beautiful universe it is
to be able to love you
Kryptonite Nov 2020
the warmth in my heart glows from the centre
the centre so radiant and full expands to all my chest
oh my dear sweet love, oh how I melt so
my darling, you are my centre, my middle, my heart

chocolate skin tender and tough
bristly cheeks unafraid to show lines of joy
light that reflects specs of diamonds in your eyes
I shed tears imagining your loving glance

providing a home through sweat and blood
shelter for a body is simple to what you have outdone
given my soul, my heart and my body in wholeness
accepted into a home so sweet I pray to stay

through my angered flashes and words
through my impatient huffs and tensed hours
not once have you shown an inch of tire
only flowing kindness through your sweet supple lips

I will be blessed to be able
to spend a lifetime exploring your heart
such a beautiful mind he encases
in a tender warm face
I wish to hold for all my days
Hair fine and dark I wish to stroke
give all my love to this man
who is an angel in disguise
oh my dear, dear protector
How I love you so.

my dear, sweet man
how I love you so.
Kryptonite Mar 2020
what a beautiful thing it is
to find someone who you
want to spend a lifetime in laughter
and someone who desires
to laugh with you forever
nothing more
nothing less
will I ever be so lucky
I truly wonder.
Kryptonite Mar 2020
do you ever ask yourself
if everything you feel and experience
is just settling for something
because you've let the truest one
slip through your fingers
never to be seen again
worst still, never again
to be felt
did i make the wrong decision? are there any wrong decisions?
Kryptonite Mar 2020
you are all but poison flowing through my veins
cripplingly sweet, oh honey is brought to shame
a needle gleefully I stab myself with daily
a agonizing slow demise a choice I take greatly  
over a bleak existence without you.
i love you but you hurt me.
Kryptonite Feb 2020
ink flows from my pen onto the
painfully blank starchy paper
the lines form words then sentences
still, those sentences mean nothing

my chest vibrates and moves
sounds echo through my throat
my tongue strings them together into
an encapsulating phrase yet, insignificant

the dance of my wrists with a pen
the rhythmically pressured air of voice
from a vessel with a soul lacking meaning
unable to communicate my truest emotions

with thoughts never to see the light of day
endless trapped inside that I could never say
the puppeteer within strayed far from her puppet
dancing along a floor dreadfully covered by carpet.
who are you?
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