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Rodium Tek Feb 2018
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Rhyming is overrated
*writes notes
Jathan Hall Sep 2017
Just another typical love poem.
No sugar coating this time though
You know when you're in love with that special someone you be getting all kind of butterflies and ****?
I want that Jada and that Will love.
A real love, that's what you are.
You have my heart.
Hopefully you can mend it.
Piece by piece put it back together
Give me hope, a new feeling of life
I just want a real love.
Show me that this relationship means everything to you.
Show me your true colors.
Let me know your true fears.
Most of all show me that you love me.
Show me that I'm the only one.
Zero Nine Sep 2017
Everyone dies, yes I do know this.
Have you noticed?

I smoke cigarettes.
I inject my sugar.
I neglect myself.

Everyone dies, yes I do know this.

I know your pain,
I ******* SHARE IT.

I know your kind.
I know all too well.

I know your kind.
"Why don't I ask for help?"

You see,
help is
to find

You see,
I'm no

I'm fine with that,
it's just, I can't get no
get no
get no
get no

I can't get no, get no

Why would I want my fingers over the flame?
Why would I bother calling out your name,
when I'll burn either way?

Can't get no (insert noun)

you know who you are.

you know i seldom go for hurt,

but you're a ******* *****.
TheRiverStyx Aug 2017
In a tennis court they write it down in red.
That typical swear about togetherness until the very end.
Then they fought over the dividends.
mk Mar 2017
"i can't box you"* he says to me
narrowing his firewood eyes
the silver air breathing spring
i get closer to the warmth of his body
and smile-

because i can box myself so ******* perfectly
it's the thing i hate the most
i'm your typical straight A
anghsty teenager
who never called herself a poet
but spends her days writing
to boys who never loved her
and a dad who was never there
i had a photography phase-
which girl hasn't?
took pictures of people
when they weren't looking
finding beauty in others
when what i needed most
was to find beauty in myself
went through an anorexic phase
i'm better now-
skinnier than before, but,
i eat a single 1200 calorie meal
but take my coffee without sugar
(saving the dime and spending the dollar)
tried finding myself by hurting myself
and even though the blades disappeared after a while
the pain kinda lasted
but you know, it's not all that bad
i mean, i eat, i sleep, i jog, i read
i sing in the shower
i live in a house with a mom who loves me
a sister who loves me so much that she hates me
i'm your typical kid
stuck between self-worship and self-loathing
loved taylor swift,
loved fallout boy
get the picture now?
thought that rebelling would give me fulfillment
cut my hair and dyed it orange
ran away to my best friend's house
watched her have *** with boys twice her age
sat alone in a corner away from their embraces
because the black eyeliner and leather jacket
still hadn't seeped their way into my heart
(don't touch me i'm afraid)
i had my first kiss at 16
i had *** at 17
i had my first pregnancy scare at 18
(don't worry we used protection)
i promised to marry him
but kept him a secret because my parents wouldn't approve
come on-
does it get more 'boxable' than that?

'you're so different.' he mumbles
between breaths tainted with the taste of my skin
i play with his fingers
(i think i'm in love with the birthmark on his knuckles)
he takes my silence for agreement
and i kiss him goodnight
driving back to my white-picket fence house
taking off my shoes before entering
my mom doesn't like ***** shoes on the carpet.
rock + roll- EDEN
IP Mar 2017
I'm not surprised
not disappointed.
though at the time the knife felt pointed
but it taught me
if I love, do it responsibly
Q Jan 2017
Candy-sweet ballads
****** heartache arias

Everywhere I go
The soundtrack never changes
But no one else
to notice

Red-rose shades of white noise
Heart-shaped confetti stuck in my ears
sound waves

The song everyone is singing
Grates against my inner drum
It's not
the kind
I'm looking for
McDonald tsiie Oct 2016
Words emerge like birds

But this feeling can't be put into simpler words

Let's fly away and never look back
You a writer or a poet
Lets do whatever we good at

Like catnap
I am a cool cat
Let me tell you something
Without you I'm a soulless with nothing

I close my eyes
That's the only time we kiss

Poetry or writing
One of you is my other piece

No limits allowed
No limits exists

I'm smart we can never part
My question is...
Who's got the other piece of my heart

Golden child, one of a kind
Send me risqué pictures
I am a typical person I don't mind

Sei bellissima, Te amo

I'll tell you again till the end of time

Got my pen bleeding with love
No lust
Just feelings required

A figment of my brains imagination
Poetry be the one

A beauty within thoughts of thy nation
Writing resembling none

I should just intertwine poetry with my writings
Like how I made love & hate siblings
Cheyenne Aug 2016
typically "typical"
is thought predictable
where typical types
emerge in the syllables

man = white = *******! = no ****, right?
girl = cis = delicate ≠ this.

type up the typology
categorize into "ologies"
start stereotyping
to support the philosophies

f(i) = she = sweet ≠ me
∴ ***** i must be

draw a box around me ⇒ i'll fit
type up a label ⇒ it'll stick

but ≠ me
      = us = we
is that the type of person
you want to be?
experimenting with my poetry structure a little
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