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Jathan Hall Jun 2020
Here’s to the most beautiful woman in the room, the woman that caught my attention not only by her looks but for the type of woman she is. Someone that pushes through and perseveres.

To the most beautiful woman in the room. The woman I dreamt of all my life finally came but now you’re gone. I would always think of different scenarios on how I dream to see you later in life.

To the most beautiful woman in the room. The woman that I dreamt of playing “Ribbons in The Sky” by Stevie Wonder. The woman that would be the first thought in the morning after I pray and the last thought before I close my eyes.

To the beautiful woman I had to let go. Still so beautiful, but I guess it was for the better that we just stopped everything. You left me in a dark time, but at the end of the day you’re still the most beautiful woman in the room.
First time writing in a while. Hope you all like
Jathan Hall May 2019
As I sit on the edge of my bed
Saddened by the thought of you.
Tears running down my face as I think about all the wonderful times we had.
5:30 in the morning, I’m here sobbing, missing you.
Why? Why did you have to leave?
No explanation, nothing at all.
Please come back, right now you’re the only thought on my mind, the only image in my head.
Please Ana, come back.
Jathan Hall Jul 2018
Forever is what I think of time I speak to you.
I want you to be in my life for eternity.
Until we're old, grey and withered up.
I want you for eternity, to be my one and only.
The one I share my secrets, fears and hopes with.
I wanna take my time with you as you play a special role in my life of being someone who's there for me at my lowest points.
The "eternity" I ask and pray for is one where we live in everlasting joy and comfort.
No worries and no concerns.
Somewhere where we can start a little family while providing the basic necessities of life.
I want eternity with you as life continues to get hard at least I know I have you to here for me regardless.
Having you would be an accomplishment.
Seeing you smile, making you happy and enjoying your company are all things I need to bring that eternal happiness for an eternity.
Jathan Hall Jan 2018
What is this you speak?
The spread of thighs?
The show of teeth?
Yet and still I do seem meek
I wonder if it's somehow exculpatory
My fears
The sides of my story
The blood, the horror, and in fact the glory
But still I toss that for you
I've yet to learn and share
The constant state of being aware
The words lingering in the air
I cannot enjoy only ensnare
This Janus - faced figure of my affections
It's true
What is the real motive and direction?
If only I didn't constantly have to question
But I was still crazy for you
An old draft
Jathan Hall Jan 2018
Everything I've ever wanted in you
Has all come to fruition and bloomed
Believing my love lay rest in tomb
Instead it slowly emerges from the womb
My new eyes are opening now
First I must remove some crust
I tried my best
Another one bites the dust
How deeply I was rolling
Yet I did not drown
It tried to drag me to my death
Ha, what a clown
Fear is still present
Yet hope and confidence is profound
Everything I've ever wanted in you
Was lost but now is found
Just something I never shared cuz it wasn't all that.
  Jan 2018 Jathan Hall
It's about 6 months later,
And your name continues to roll off my tongue
Like desperate droplets of water that,
Had by chance, gracefully made it's journey through the canopy of a forest.

It's about 6 months later,
And I continue to be tantalized,
As I reminisce about the moments of your very first touch.
The steady beating of your heart,
As my head lay stolid against your warm bust.

It's about 6 months later,
And your name still feels like home, yet so far away from home.
So close that I can touch it with my heart, but
So far that I can't even reach it with my arm.

It's been roughly 6 months later,
And I'm still not quite over you.
Your poetic stained lips drew me in like a bee to a flower;
******* up every single drop of nectar I could,
Concocting pure honey out of our love for each of us to devour.

It's about 6 months later,
And I am still entangled within your love.
Without the slightest intention of breaking free;
In hopes that I'll be somehow trapped for all of eternity, but,
Then again I have to think.
"Is this really the best thing for me?"
"Is the distance now between our hearts too far out of reach?"

Because it's been about 6 months now,
And it seems like you've moved on...
It's funny because I thought we would be together
Till Michael Jackson decided to sing another song,
Till Perry Christie gets re-elected, or,
Till Donald trump likes black folks at all.
All 3 things simply impossible,
As the thought of me and you not together.

But, it's been about 6 months now, and,
I'm beginning to feel a little bit under the weather.
"Together forever?", my friends would ask.
"Did you not hear me?" I would say
"Together forever, but for real this time...I'm sure of it...Trust me,
I know what I'm"

It's about 6 months later,
And I wonder every day if the thought of me ever crosses your mind.
If you think about us laying down watching the starry night sky while you're on your high,
If you happen to laugh from time to time about our silly inside jokes.
Remember baby, sigh...sigh...sigh...todo.

I sometimes ponder as to if it was real or was it just another story that began with "once upon a time",
But I always seem to find myself missing your poetically inclined, open mind, ******* you're fine,
Please take up all my time,
My heart begins to beat faster and faster.
****, I hope this story ends with "Happily Ever After".

It's about 6 months later,
And I pray that 6 months from now,
You will be able to look into my eyes and remember me
As the girl who has the audacity to be beautiful
Even on days when everything around her is ugly.
The girl who correlates your name with angels of a heavenly choir Singing at the beautiful exodus of her flight into the heavens.
The girl who was not afraid to get up in front of an audience
Of people she did not know,
Not only to prove to you that she was worth it,
But to pour out of her heart the startling truth...
That it's about 6 months later, and I am still solely in love with you.
This is something that I wrote over a year ago after ruining a relationship. The situation is long over with, in the past, and has no correlation to the present, but I felt as though I should share. Thanks for reading <3
Jathan Hall Nov 2017
As we danced in the moonlight
Our souls together once again
Dancing, feeling ever so amazing
Together in harmony
Your smile warms my heart every time I look at you
These thoughts aren't real though
Just a fiction of my imagination
I sob in my bed wondering where you are in this world
If you're alive or not
If you've moved on yet
I miss you
Please come back baby
Never leave me alone
Let's stay together forever
Please baby, I'm begging you
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