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  May 2020 McDonald tsiie
Kyle White
Knee to the neck
Face in the asphalt
Only in America
"Well, it must be the Black's fault!"

"Listen to the police,
...and what they're insisting!"
Floyd said he couldn't breathe
And he wasn't resisting

"Don't commit crime
...and this won't happen!"
You racist motherf@$!er,
Have you no compassion?

Did you view the same
Recording as me,
And where did you develop
Your lack of empathy?

'Relieved of duty' isn't enough
It's the bare minimum
Do right by our brothers and sisters
And charge this f@$!ing criminal

Lock up Derek Chauvin
And the others involved
Until Justice is served
This won't be resolved
McDonald tsiie May 2020
"does my blackness offend you?"

the vail from black to white is thin
white privilege and black inferiority

he kneeled on him with immense force
whilst inhaling air,
george was losing pulse
his face on earths surface he could only cry for his mothers help
god heard him first
and the white man saw that black actually cracks

"being black shouldn't be a death sentence"
McDonald tsiie Jul 2019
i. have seen
love. with my eyes
you. are that image from within
McDonald tsiie May 2019
sat down next you, with my head right on your chest i
figured out the frequency of your heartbeat
so me singing for you is ironic
...because i actually love you
McDonald tsiie Mar 2019
a baby in the womb
ready to breathe new life
in this formless world
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