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i caught her wandering soul
she caught a whiff of versace
i. have seen
love. with my eyes
you. are that image from within
sat down next you, with my head right on your chest i
figured out the frequency of your heartbeat
so me singing for you is ironic
...because i actually love you
i wouldn't mind going blind
dropping my glasses, if gazing directly at the sun meant i'd see you again
just to adore your smile
a baby in the womb
ready to breathe new life
in this formless world
i hope whatever
you're dreaming about
is as beautiful as the
thought of you in my mind

i love you❤
sleep tight...
when i saw you
i turned a blind eye
you were talking i listened
my ears anxious, craving sound

i think you have beautiful voice in accordance of your intriguing appearance the day had to be embraced with a hug

holding your hand became a sacred dialect that made sense
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