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Cheyenne Nov 3
I want to write
to feel all right.
I want to bare my soul.
But I fear I bared it all
a long, long time ago.

I want to write
to feel all right--
to not bear it all alone.
But I am crushed by all I've borne;
There's no more of me to know.
Cheyenne Oct 10
I'll be like the wetlands
I'll take the brunt
When the storm rolls in
Let the flood wash
my skin
I know how to survive being drowned
So I'll stand my ground
Cheyenne Jan 3
You profess to know me.
You profess to love me, too.
But you've never put in the time for either,
So I profess that neither's true.
Cheyenne Nov 2019
Every time I swear I'm over it,
Something reminds me
I ain't over ****.
Cheyenne Nov 2019
I wander,
I roam;
someplace far from home.
All on my own.

I ramble,
I wade
through rivers and lakes.
For my own sake.

I venture,
I seek,
though tired and meek,
for something complete.
Cheyenne Aug 2019
I often dream of pretty things
with unhealthy fascination.
I often go where you can't follow,
craving isolation.
I haven't found a footing sound
in this here habitation.
So I find life's sweeter side
in my imagination.
Cheyenne Aug 2019
If I could be happy,
I'm sure I'd be happy with you.

But I've been crying my heart out
for so long now,
I don't know how not to.
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