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Cheyenne Jan 2023
Listening to the steady rush
As winds blow in an evening hush
Hoping that it ushers in the rain

This place could use some moisture and
I could use a helping hand
In letting nostalgia lay its claim
Cheyenne Mar 2021
It's in those slow and lazy moments
Spent inside my head
Scavenging for dopamine
That I find you instead

Scattered into tiny bits
Stashed deep within my mind
The pieces lay from yesterday
As if left for me to find
Cheyenne Feb 2021
had I been older I'd've
probably'd've recognized
the hell in your eyes
but I mistook it for love

had I been wiser then
as I ought to have been
I'd've known the sin
of what'd been done
Cheyenne Feb 2021
broken to bits
I tried to clean up
but I sliced my skin

into the fray
I pushed them out
'til they all washed away

time's funny like that
the edges have softened
and the waves washed them back

as I walk along
colorful and harmless
pressed to my palm
Cheyenne Nov 2020
I want to write
to feel all right.
I want to bare my soul.
But I fear I bared it all
a long, long time ago.

I want to write
to feel all right--
to not bear it all alone.
But I am crushed by all I've borne;
There's no more of me to know.
Cheyenne Oct 2020
I'll be like the wetlands
I'll take the brunt
When the storm rolls in
Let the flood wash
my skin
I know how to survive being drowned
So I'll stand my ground
Cheyenne Jan 2020
You profess to know me.
You profess to love me, too.
But you've never put in the time for either,
So I profess that neither's true.
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