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Cheyenne Aug 31
I often dream of pretty things
with unhealthy fascination.
I often go where you can't follow,
craving isolation.
I haven't found a footing sound
in this here habitation.
So I find life's sweeter side
in my imagination.
Cheyenne Aug 9
If I could be happy,
I'm sure I'd be happy with you.

But I've been crying my heart out
for so long now,
I don't know how not to.
Cheyenne Aug 8
You keep dreaming of
The idea of love
You read, you weep it--endlessly seeking
But it's falsehoods that bread it
No wonder it's fleeting

And as it goes
In the madness you wallow
The empty, the still: a hard pill to swallow
With only the night to hold you tight
Nothing but wind caressing your skin

You want the man on the page
To love the girl in the mirror
You want the tears on your face
To purge, to erase
And make the flaws disappear

And it's not long before
You're falling once more
Can't find arms to embrace you
Nor lips to kiss you
And until mortals can soothe you
These abstractions must do

They're not but distractions
But they're all that fate has granted you
Cheyenne Jul 2018
I see the madness
Festering inside
I watch it unfolding
From where I reside
Not quite within
But not without
Just barely and torridly
Floating about

If I remain here
I'll be eaten alive
But if I flee
It'll eat me up inside
Cheyenne Jun 2018
I don’t want to have this conversation
I don’t want to feel this pain
I don’t want to think about it
But I do, all the same

It's floating near the surface
Always just within my reach
And I’m slipping—nearly drowning
'Cause I’ll probably never breach

I let it consume me
Every single time
Because, as you have shown me,
I have a past where it wasn’t all in my mind
Cheyenne Dec 2017
It feels like maybe I'm not best for you
I keep getting the best of you
I know you've been thinkin' it's time to get on and move
You're worried about me--that's sweet--I'm worried too
But sometimes you've got to do
What's best for you
Cheyenne Dec 2017
Tried to beat it
But I couldn't
Tried to hide it
But it wouldn't stay in the corner
Where I put it
So now I hide myself
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