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Jul 2018
Women what happen to standards? Do you not realize every time you open your legs(****** or not) your body is changed. "Turn down for what?" SELF RESPECT. He love you yet he cant seem to be enough. From girls night out ( TRANLASTION: Bust a new ***** so if THIS ***** start trippn......) to "shes going through  something and needs me."( TRANLASTION: Im out and hes gettin it to night) yall to much. But to be real  he know this and still he stays. FOREVER LOYAL. He trys to brighten your day with the little things, but i guess so small you never even see it SLAVES to the clock to buy you nice things. And still none of this matter. He return home to your friends or ***** house or UNEXPLAINED ATTITUDE. Mysterious investigation of his           belongings,  constant  interrogation. For what??? He doesn't know. How can he see a wife in you if a wife  you are not. A wife/wifey(girlfriend) is holds him down even before her because SHE KNOWS although he is strong he still can be weak. She feed him and f__ks him because SHE KNOWS thats what he NEEDS. When he is tired she accommodate to him. He is king and she is QUEEN. These rolls are important and SHE KNOWS this. He returns home not wanting anything/ or anyone but her and SHE KNOWS that. She is his everything, his PORNSTAR. She is his rock and he is hers. SHE KNOWS she can not fall if she holds on to him and SHE DOES  with confidence.

I havnt found her yet, she out there. I just take one day at a time.
Remember, I can fit any shoe. Doesn't mean the coin doesn't have to heads
Ragde Nella
Written by
Ragde Nella  M
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