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  Apr 26 Serena
The way you stand
The way you sit
The way you secretly laugh for a bit
You’ve been hurt
You’ve been broken
And yet your heart is wide open
You think no one sees
You think no one cares
But that is really just not fair
Because I see
Because I do
My heart is filled by just looking at you
Serena Apr 12
All I want is a different path
Then life gets thrown in the trash
All I wanted was to laugh
Is it too much just to ask
All I wanted was to find a way out
Then life gives me that doubt
All I wanted was a different life
The price to pay is another sight
The one day
That will come
When all I wanted was a little laugh and a little smile
Without all my dreams getting thrown in the past
That one day when life lifts you up
Its time to make a change
But for now, I have to stay
And try to live a better day
Serena Mar 10
What if I told you I never found love
What if I told you love never found me
Truth is I'm scared to be alone
It's funny because everyone dies
Only body and bone
Whether love tried to exist
Whether someone thought they loved me      
I end most of them because I was afraid
Afraid to hear that this isn't going to work,
I actually didn't like you,
Or just afraid to be left
I gotten the love people gave me
Whether from those many situations
Or whether from friendships
I never really got to feel that you're my favorite moment
It hits when those only moments you got was just never enough
It hurts to know people you have hopes and dreams for
Break you and tear those hopes and dreams apart
For me love always lurks
Even when love doesn't work
I barely love myself
When all my figures and flaws turn into a doubt
Its something I should feel proud about
Sometimes I don't
Love for me is hard to find
maybe it's hard for love to find me
What if I told you love and I are not to combine
Been months now, not knowing what love is
Knowing what love is, is like knowing all that it is
How do you and love combine?
Serena Mar 10
Is it my fault?
Told me to give you another chance
Gaining the love, so that you know this could be real
I can't even tell you how I feel
You gave up the love and sealed it as a deal
I did not even agree to give up everything
How could you do this to me?
A month later telling me you found someone
Made me give you love that you didn't even want
I told you everything I´ve been through
Held on to this ****
I thought you could help me make it
The love I gave, then you go ahead and break it
I still smile and act like what you didn't hurt
Affects me more coming from a best friend that I loved
You finding out they didn't
You needed to better yourself
But wasn't the love I gave to you enough
That you had to go ahead and find someone else
Is it because I'm not privileged as people
Can´t go out, so what's the point in loving me?
Is that what you think?
As your best friend, I give you more than enough love
Then any other girl can
You wanted my love
Then you couldn't wait for me
What can that girl do to replace anything of me?
Had me playing your games, leading me in
Falling for your ways, that never should have been
Playing your games
Got me low in the rain
Thinking how you made the biggest mistake
Played me as a fool
You broke me in a way
You hurt me for showing me how you play
Got me thinking you win
I may have hurt you before
But hitting me like this
Is something that can never be undone
Trust me this type of **** isn't fun.
It's crazy how you give chances and then those chances turn into something that never could have been.
Serena Mar 10
You know when you feel alone
You always feeling down
Figuring how to change that frown
Putting a smile on that face
Knowing its fake
When others are happy about their self
You feel like you wanna drown
Days pass with a smile
You know your not the smile you are the pass
Pass your emotions by like its some trash
Self-esteem is low, feeling like things are going slow
Not even knowing how to feel happy
Happy is just a word to me
Looking in that mirror, thinking you got some figure
You know your lying when you somehow end up crying
No, it's not because I'm emotional many people think
People see me as pretty, but am I really
I share my advice, to be nice
I help people, that's who I am
It's funny because using my advice is the last thing I try to do
You gotta know how to love you!
Love yourself and all your flaws!
Serena Mar 10
She is me
Me is she
We are both the same
But who are we?
We are not in the fame
we are not in the lame
We are different, but both the same
She is someone that gives advice
She is someone that loves carefully
Me is someone that doesn't take their own advice
Me is someone that is mostly negative
Me is someone that loves carelessly
Me is someone that puts themself down because they think it's right
Me is different from she
We are the same person, but we act differently
There are two sides to this one person
Those sides are she & me
Who is she and me?...

— The End —