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Ragde Nella Jul 2018
I got demons on my shoulder telling me what am I supposed to do. Confused.... should I listen and is what they're telling me is true?

Your supposed to have an angel and the other, well you know but I seem to have two of the same so is hell were I'm dynasted to go?

I tried to get advise but everything they seem to say is wrong. And if I continue down the path I'm going I know I won't last for to long.

It could be the simplest question, basic things you go thru in life. Yet the answer always seems be the same and ends with me under the knife.

I thought about not listening but then again why not, the choices we make are our and the answer we seem to have forgot.

So if you have to demons like me, mind the the things you say and do, because when you look in the mirror there are no demon, it's just you.
Ragde Nella Jul 2018
If you only knew what I ive long to do to you, what would you say better what would you do.
I can tell you now that I never wanted anything more, Like a astronaut dying to explore.
Reaching new places no one has yet seen, ill break it down a little more so you know what i mean.
Passion for you expressed but never shown, the love of a queen from a king on his throne.
If you only knew that I would take you away, shall we hide  and ride this cloud until judgement day.
Ragde Nella Jul 2018
Sometimes is life you want people to do things but it doesnt always work like that.
Ive found if you let them do it on their own it will normally work out.
Two halfs make a whole. Puzzle pieces naturally fit.
Sometime waiting on the wrong person you will loose the right person.
Live life and always keep your head up. Love yourself. And dont  wait for anything, waiting and looking on for the wrong bus, an the right bus will pass you by.
Ragde Nella Jul 2018
In my opinion there 3 types of love. UNCONDITIONAL  love, LUST love and SETTLED love. Let me explain:

(Settled) Sometimes if life you come across people that you think you have that forever, unconditional love, but truly you just SETTLED. You may have a few things in common, you like the same stuff and yet you still find yourself thinking of someone else or you still find yourself hurting, afraid to be alone. Afraid of what going to happen to the kids. Stop using your kids to settle, the best love for you will be the best love for them.
I can make you feel good right now, really good, I could kiss the nape of your neck as my fingers crawl up the back of your head. Gaze into your eyes, kiss your lips softly as my hand slowly moves across the rest of your body. Whispering ***** deeds in your ear. Exploiting the stream now flowing down your thigh. Any way you get the picture.  
Im broke and i cant get you anything today but i call you up and say I LOVE YOU, i took the time to write you a letter and made you a paper heart. I get home and you dont care about anything, your just happy to see me. I give you the letter and the heart that i made. As a tear flows down your face you except them saying these are getter that any money i could have paid.  Which love do you have??
Ragde Nella Jul 2018
Lip as soft as pillows,  can I lean in a have as taste? Pure ecstasy,  bliss taking you to outer space. Walls collapsing,  flood gates broken releasing in bounty. Lost in passion wanting you to mount me. Hands  traveling, exploring the curves and dips of your body. Still enjoy your cloud based lips. If you havnt guess already , I mean the ones between your hips.

    " Sorry, was that out loud?? I truly am sorry. Sometime my mind... lol."
Ragde Nella Jul 2018
How do i face tomorrow? when i can barely face today?
How do i move on when where i was is where i wanted to stay?
How do  you  know when you been holding on to long? How come things that used to make sence now seem all wrong?
How do I deal with all this pain inside? How do you cope when all i can do is cry?
How do I move on?  How do I?.....
Ragde Nella Jul 2018
You are the one  that  keeping me going , You are the one I fail for without knowing.

You are the one I dream about when im sleep, You are the one forever i wish to keep.

You are the one that makes  bad days seem great, you are the one I  think about all day and until it is late.

You are the one I wished for so long ago, You are the one and I hope that you know.

You are the one who help me get through life, You are the one who will someday make a great wife.

You are the one whom inspires me to write. You are the one who I fine to be just right.
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