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Julia May 6
loving you is like
          ­                                l l
                         ­      h
a rock rolling u
or catching a f
                            l l
just know that i tried

losing you is like
endless rain on a sunny day
st!ng!ng pain from the ultraviolet ray
destiny denied

if the world is made of
red and blue swipes
then why not just be
purple all of the time?

if i don't need love
or musical pipes
then you can find me
lost looking for rhyme

my baby never sang a song
to fix whatever might be wrong
you think your boxes have the key
but a quick coupler isn't me

loving you is like
a (myth) that never did exist
or a (woman) in this world trying to resist

losing you is like
learning i could fix myself with my own strong arms
turning fields of barren land into fertile farms

into the ease i'm free
so call me when you understand
how to please all of me
how to be more than just a boy-man

i'm glad it's over.
inspired by the song by Charlotte Dos Santos
Forevermore Mar 27
Today’s one of my brothers birthday!
Well yesterday now, since it’s 1:17.
This one’s dedicated to you!

Where had all our time left been?
Just disappeared.
Well at lest another year has been cleared.
I wonder, if the next time I see you,
When you’re twenty-two.
Out of college, starting a new life.
Next time I see you, will you have a wife?!
Return to me,
Cause we’re growing up so quickly, can’t you see?!
My brother never leaves his room. Oh why! I miss you, oh so much! Please don’t be 22 before I see you again, haha.
Lara Ozdemir Dec 2018
Slippy slimy slime
Slugging through time
Sublime hate crime
It’s a pain going through mine
• • •
Don’t you know?
What it’s like to fight with all your might
Pity going through
But at the end
You’ve won the battle
A teenager’s chapter
writerReader Aug 2018
It used to be that it was simple.
Something fun
or something not fun at all.
It was all skirts sweeping across the kitchen floor
and warm eyes.

Blue or brown
it didn’t matter.

But sometimes it was different
it was sad and cold
and sometimes it was a cold blue.
Freezing and instant
but gone with the cracked door.
This wasn’t always to be the case.

Something new always comes
with the candles on cakes.
With the taste of candy corn,
sweet but false.
Change leaves an aftertaste of honey,
and something counterfeit.

Memory comes and goes,
time passes like the sun.
It soaks through my skin
and left me
warm. But cooling
with a lingering hug from an old friend.

There’s something about the feel of the sun
on a snow day.
The warmth thaws the ice,
the shudder of cold finally leaving
bathed in a pure joy.
Wisdom an old soul could only borrow.
Ndolo Jun 2018
Please God, help me get rid of this anger in me
It's swelling, getting larger each time they say something to me
They could be joking,
But the punchline, some reason its escaping me

I need to yell, the time and place holds no rationality now

Let it go, the end is coming and I know its gonna be loud
Give me that undeniable ,
even at times you don’t know why that it’s justifiable,
whenever we need each other no question reliable,
near or far it’s just a flight or two,
if it comes down to it I’d die with you ,
in my heart and in mind there is no denying you,
When I’m with you soul connecting is forever lasting not just one night with you,
In this dream of you , I pray I never wake from you
This is only facts no mistake in you
You were made in his image
He must have been for patient with you
Perfectly imperfect
There was and is never a mistake in u
Such a beautifully designed being
Stars themselves shine at your meaning
May this beautiful day be whatever you believe it
Snizzlefish Sep 2017
There are few people in this world you can call at 2 am.
And not call for help,
But for solace.

There are few you can trust with your silent pleas.
The gut wrenching, heartbreaking silence where words just aren't enough.

Thank you for being mine, you truly have a heart of gold.
I want you to know I'm okay now.
And I think you are too.
I think we both made it through.

But I still pray you are appreciated, I pray she realizes what she has.
Because good men are hard to find, especially one so kind.
I'm proud of you
To my best friend & one of the toughest marines I know. I'll always look up to you, even if I can still kick your **** from time to time.
Jade Louise Mar 2017
I was in agony
The hot kind
The kind that makes you feel
Like your whole soul is on fire
Flames circling and dancing in
Painful licks around you
Torturing you like a secret
Because you're
Enclosed inside
The white walls
Of a crisp beautiful,  eggshell

I had been growing
Here for weeks
Where nobody can see your pain
Or that your heart is
Aching in places
You didn't know you had

Suspended in a Nest
That I had comfortably
Become home to
Uncracked, untouched, unscatched
Patient and pretty
From the outside of course

Home to where
I had begun
My growth
Starting out
The size of a half
A tadpole
Each day growing larger
Brushing up closer against
The oval encasing of
Egg Shell Walls

And then it all began
They say that
When you are struggling the most
And feel at your weakest
You are growing your strongest
Well if this is growing strong
It's like nothing
I've ever felt before
It's unreal
On the inside
My figure forming and brushing up
Pulled stretched aches and ripping
Inching in agony, closer and closer
To the walls of my Egg-encasing
On the outside
It's the Pure-Oval-Perfection

But on the inside
I want to go back
To the size of that
Tiny seed
So protected by my Soft White Egg
That has now become home
This hurts like hell
I am suspended in an egg
And no one can see what's happening inside

From my shoulder blades
Wings are sprouting
Emerging like Human Swords
Because they are not like just any Sword
They are not even sharp
Its the power of their Humanity
That is breaking my skin
People think swords are powerful
Because they are sharp

But Human Wings
Are like Human Swords
They hurt
Not because they are sharp
But because they are gentle
And that is
A level of
Power, with more force
Than any slice of sharpness

The prettiest harmony of hues
Breaking the skin on my back
Lilac so deep
Its like the haze and trance
Steaming above a lake
In a hot summer
And then feathers of Midnight Blue
Like the deepest darkness
Of the night and deep ocean
Coating the top of the Lilac feathers
Like a flower arrangement
With Silver Feathers scattered in between
A silver so piercing
You wouldn't want to look at it
As if it were a Silver-Sun
Too Powerful
For direct Eye Contact

These are the wings
Made from the Hues of Humanity
The pain increasing
The agony causing my arms to
Push on either side
Of this perfect
Egg of Oval-Perfection
My wings growing bigger
By the second
Until finally a crack
The Egg Shell
Sliced like thunder
When it cracks and splits the sky
My hands running with blood
From its shards

And then I'm flying
Im the size of a hummingingbid
But my wings are powerful and
I'm not in pain anymore

I endured
I endured Transformation
I endured
Breaking apart
To Form Into
Something Stronger

Leaving Comfort
To exist in a World
More Painful
Yet I can survive in it
Because now I am stronger
Because I endured*

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