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Zack Ripley May 2019
Soon, it will be time for you to take the stage.
You'll be born and your parents life will never be the same. Someday soon, you'll start to grow and grow and grow.
And even though they'll be excited,
sometimes you might hear them say they wish time would slow. There will be many questions you want answers to.
"Are we there yet?" "Why is the sky blue?"
Sometimes, they may not be able to tell you.
Someday, you'll want to rebel;
do things they tell you not to just to make them scream and yell. Someday, you'll tell them you hate them after having a fight.
The next day, you'll tell them you love them
by the time they tuck you in at night.
But it's important you know no matter what they say,
no matter what you do, your parents will always love you.
Mae Feb 25
we fall
we break
we bleed
we hurt
we heal
we learn
we grow
Mimi Hachiko Jul 2019
These days i used to know
They've all but come and go
These streets i used to roam
They all dont know me now
I made all new friends
With all new sidewalk ends
Spent days and nights
Learning all the new lights
After all I have done
I cant let myself shun
The hard work put
Into getting my foot
Started in a fresh direction.
Julia May 2019
loving you is like
          ­                                l l
                         ­      h
a rock rolling u
or catching a f
                            l l
just know that i tried

losing you is like
endless rain on a sunny day
st!ng!ng pain from the ultraviolet ray
destiny denied

if the world is made of
red and blue swipes
then why not just be
purple all of the time?

if i don't need love
or musical pipes
then you can find me
lost looking for rhyme

my baby never sang a song
to fix whatever might be wrong
you think your boxes have the key
but a quick coupler isn't me

loving you is like
a (myth) that never did exist
or a (woman) in this world trying to resist

losing you is like
learning i could fix myself with my own strong arms
turning fields of barren land into fertile farms

into the ease i'm free
so call me when you understand
how to please all of me
how to be more than just a boy-man

i'm glad it's over.
inspired by the song by Charlotte Dos Santos
Lara Ozdemir Dec 2018
slippy slimy slime
slugging through time
sublime hate crime
it’s a pain going through mine
• • •
don’t you know?
what it’s like to fight with all your might
pity going through
but at the end
you’ve won the battle
A teenager’s chapter
writerReader Aug 2018
It used to be that it was simple.
Something fun
or something not fun at all.
It was all skirts sweeping across the kitchen floor
and warm eyes.

Blue or brown
it didn’t matter.

But sometimes it was different
it was sad and cold
and sometimes it was a cold blue.
Freezing and instant
but gone with the cracked door.
This wasn’t always to be the case.

Something new always comes
with the candles on cakes.
With the taste of candy corn,
sweet but false.
Change leaves an aftertaste of honey,
and something counterfeit.

Memory comes and goes,
time passes like the sun.
It soaks through my skin
and left me
warm. But cooling
with a lingering hug from an old friend.

There’s something about the feel of the sun
on a snow day.
The warmth thaws the ice,
the shudder of cold finally leaving
bathed in a pure joy.
Wisdom an old soul could only borrow.
Ndolo Jun 2018
Please God, help me get rid of this anger in me
It's swelling, getting larger each time they say something to me
They could be joking,
But the punchline, some reason its escaping me

I need to yell, the time and place holds no rationality now

Let it go, the end is coming and I know its gonna be loud
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