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city of flips Jun 2019
turned twenty one,
which means that things illegal in Texas now
are really bad ones, no innocence defense available,
all the adult sinful pleasures mine all mine

and the men look at me more carefully

oh they still card me to be sure,
but what
they want really is just
my name and address

when not wearing my cutoffs,
surprisingly lean toward flouncy dresses
pretty angelic ***** interesting,
men so dumb,
they rather imagine what’s inside using a road map
they imagine, than convent convenient signs  
of a nice tight short skirt that reveals
all and suggests nothing

you may recall that shy cowboy,^
feet shuffling, getting himself in trouble,
blushing loudly, when his pretense smooth goes awry,
it’s over a year and he’ll be picking me up,
with a peck and a hey darlin’
and calling me by my pet name,
Velvet Hammer Ale,
ale, the copper color of my hair,
velvet, my love for him,
a hammer for fools and my tough as nails, stout insides

yup turned twenty one
Traveler Jan 2018
I took a familiar nightmare
For a frightening final ride
Facing all my failures
Feeble fable, foolishness
And freakishness, inside
Intense, **** ya, you bet!
To say the fracking least
The finality of a fearless
Forgotten rotten kind of beast
Now forever starving
At the final festive feast
Traveler Tim

Babble in the name of creativity!!! (-;

— The End —