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The back of my eyes feel wet,
And the hot-cocoa after sledding,
Warmth in my chest wont go away.
My head feels magnetized to my stomach,
With my nose pulling my head downward.

My hair irritates my skull,
As the clammy underside of my skin,
Grips who I am,
My very essence,
In a death vice
M G Hsieh Nov 2018
You cast that vermillion border
and glance at me with unswept eyes

Your voice holds pain and the comfort 
of solitude

I have journeyed you a hundred years.
The wind gets caught 
in your waves. You throw us back to sea

I hunger for you,
the clamor of rocks that descend into darkness 
and the clouds that hide your secret skies.

The ecstasy of you in the very 
pit of me waits to come out

and engulf me once more.
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
My regrets and sorrows slumber in snow
at the idea of loving again.
My soul wishes for the bridge to connects
us so I may enter your dream palace
unafraid. Just to catch the sight of you.
My heart on my sleeve, my soul in the mist
and something echoes in my mind,
the idea of love.

A concept so beautiful that it can transcend
a lifetime as well as destroy a nation.
My soul will sleep in sorrow's snow
till the day I will rise again tall and strong
When the need to shed my tears has gone
I live for tomorrow and tomorrow's tomorrow
Until you sit by in to feel the hearth
inside my heart.
Feeling rather melancholy compared to earlier.
My nerves seem to grow raw with each passing day this month, no idea why.
Anyway, this is the last poem for the night.
Got a big day ahead tomorrow!

Be back soon!
Lyn ***
Lyn-Purcell Jun 2018
Myths and legends I find
always have some truth
to them

And there are those who
create their own myths
and legends

That sort of immortality
shines for a special
starlit few

Who were never before
and never again
How we continue to deifying humans who become myths in the culture.
Who become icons and have an immortality that will stand the very test of time... that sort of star power is saved for the starlit few
Whose light will never be forgotten.

For me, I have a small group of celebs who fit this mould.
Be back soon!
Lyn x
How to guess in spirit guide?
Transcend the flesh and human pride,
A thought to bless and worlds abide,
The vortex of the frequent tide,
In the Empty hex of vacuums glide
Reflexive busts and booms to ride,
Protects, trusts, assumes inside,
As steady states swing side to side,
Flux in rates were left aside,
Beyond where long run deltas hide,
Stochastic oracles derived
Visions of new ways to thrive,
Not contained in quo's and bounds so tried
Where fears of unknowns have died.
Joseph Miller Jun 2017
Pushed through pain
We are born
In a world shattered by chaos
We choke on the acid
Of society
burning through
Our inner being dissolves
Too young
I grabbed the ears
Of the lion
and fought
to keep its jaws
Off my face
Dodging death
Next time
Won’t come
To us
The ego lies
While destiny hides
I wonder who
Where and why
Am I
Crawling in the dark
I beg the stars
Shine on me
With Infinite Compassion
I finally see
We are all
Boundless in spirit
Different currents
In the same river
We flow to the sea
All our joy
All our pain
One day
We leave it behind
This precious gift
Of life
Is love
To give
Daisy Vallely Mar 2017
I observe you, infatuated with your subtle mysticism.
My eyes lay on your verdant beds like a swallow tail butterfly
dancing to the melody of your vibrations.
I feel you breathe with me.
I admire your crystal garden,
dripping down your coiled vines.
In each leaf, a reflection of your life.
Your origin is you as much as it is me.
We are sister and brother.
We are God.
Together we transcend.
Together, we become one entity as we experience
the beauty of consciousness.
You are my natural friend.
You thrive and stretch your veins outward
to kiss the hands that caress you.

with me,
We coexist fluenty
Julio is the plant in my roommates room. He's a a beautiful hanging *** full of plant. We hang crystals on the stems, referring to "crystal garden"
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