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Tough Old Man
Indonesia    write her, write now.


Big Virge Dec 2019
How Tough Has Life Become These Days ... ?!?  

Violence REIGNS With PAIN and STRIFE ... !!!  
You NEED To Be TOUGH To Just SURVIVE ... !!!!!  

Prices ... riSE ... !!!!!  
That's No Surprise And Is NO LIE ... !!!    
MANY Sleep While The Rest COMPETE ...
And War's An Excuse To ... Keep The Peace ... ?!?  
Wars Just ENSURE That People BLEED ... !!!!!  
Like Terrorist Acts Through Bombing Deeds ... !!!!!!  
These Are Things That Make Life TOUGH ... !!!!!  
Like Leaving People To Sleep ROUGH ... !!?!!  
Why Try To Bluff If You're NOT TOUGH ... ?!!!?  
Doing That ... Can Get You STUCK ... !!!  
You May Get STRUCK ...  
By Lightning ... " DUCK " ... !!!!!!!!!!
Tough Luck Son ...  
Like THAT ... You're DONE ... !!!  
Life ... These Days ...  
Is Far From ............. FUN ........ !!!  
Except I Guess For .... " Comedians " .... ?!?  
So Many of Them Now Walk The Streets ...  
And Some Are In The ... " Poetry Scene " ... !!!!!!!!!!!  
Well Of Course I Mean ...  
Those Who Feed ... DELUDED Dreams ... !!!  
And Lack The Thing That Gives Their Show ...  
A Flow of Jokes That Make Folks ... SCREAM ... !!!  
"Give Us MORE !!!"  
While They APPLAUD ... !!!!!  
It's Tough To JOKE ...  
When Most Are BROKE ... !!!!!  
Broken Down By Those Who CLOWN ...
And Keep Making People Pay Pounds ...  
For Using Trains ... !!!  
Are They ... INSANE ... ?!?  
Trains Are FRAIL And Now DERAIL ... !!!  
While Those In Charge ...  
Are Bailed ... NOT JAILED ... ??!!!??  
Courtrooms Like ...  
Train Signals .... " FAIL " .... !!!
Those Who Can't Afford Their Bail ... !!!
While Those Who CAN Like ... " Government Man " ...  
Have ALWAYS GOT An ... " Escape Plan " ... !!!!!  
I'm Saying .... !!!  
When They've Got SO MUCH ... !!!!!!!!!!!  
Does This Mean They Can't Be Touched ... ?!?  
Even When They Should Be CUFFED ... !!!!!  
Haven't You People HAD ENOUGH ... ?!!!?  
of Having Them ... Just Run A MUCK ... !!?!!  
It's Time AGAIN To Use Our Pens .... !!!!  
And ... BUILD OURSELVES ... !!!!!  
Because Governments Cause Us PROBLEMS ... !!!!!!  
What Do VOTERS ... See IN THEM ... ???? ! ?????  
Watch Them CLOSE In Parliament ... !!!!!  
Nonsense Used To ... " Supplement " ...  
Their GREED for Dollars Pounds And Pence ... !!!!!!  
To Make Life TOUGH For ALL OF US ...  
Women Men And Our Children ... !!!!!  
Kids Now Face ENOUGH Problems ... !!!  
It's Tough To See What's Left For Them ... !!!  
It's Time To DISMISS ...  
Our ... " IGNORANCE " ... !!!!!!  
When We Get OLD And NEED Their Fold ...  
They May Care MORE For ... " Pots of Gold " ...  
Or WORSE The Latest ... " Mobile Phone " ... !!!!!!  
While Old People Are Stuck In HOMES ... !!!!!  
NOT Their Own But ... " Government Ones " ...  
TRUST ME Folks They're NOT Well Run ... !!!!!!  
I've Seen FIRST HAND With My Own Mum ...  
Nurses Are ROUGH And Do Some Stuff ...  
That May Make Some Resort To GUNS ... !!!!!!  
For MISTREATMENT of Their LOVED ONES ... !!!!!!!!  
That May Sound TOUGH ... ?!?  
But This Is Where We May End Up ..... !?!  
Like The Saying Goes ...  
"When the tough gets going  
The going gets ... TOUGH ... !!!"
What Does That MEAN ... ?  
Well Nowadays It May Mean THIS ... ?  
Guns And Clips When Tempers FLIP ...  
Especially When In ... ANGRY KIDS ... !!!!!!!!!  
BUSTED Lips More Use of Fists ...  
And YES Of Course ... MORE Gun Bullets ... !!!!!  
Is This How You Want To Live ... !?!  
Trust In THIS ...  
Right Now I'm PREPARED For It ... !!!!!  
I'm NO TOUGH GUY ...  
But DON'T You Try ...    
To See If I'm Prepared To DIE ... !!!
You May Just Find I'll CALL Your Bluff ... !?!  
And See If YOU Are ... REALLY TOUGH ... ?!!!?  
TRUST ME Folks I've Had ENOUGH ... !!!  
And WON'T Be Taken For A ... MUG ... !!!    
You May Just NEED A LOT OF GUNS ... !!!
Cos' ... Just Like SCARFACE I WON'T RUN ... !!!!!!!  
Don't Be Surprised If I've Got SOME ...  
Cos' If I Have You May Get STUNNED ... !!!  
When What YOU SEE Is YOUR OWN Blood ... !!!!!  
I'm Simply Saying ...  
How We Live Is NOW ... " MESSED UP " ... !?!
And As I've Said I've Had ENOUGH ... !!!!!!  
of SEEING US ......................................... IGNORE This Stuff ... !!!  
THAT If Addressed ...  
Could Bring Us BACK To ...  
... " Peace and Love " ...  !!!
And STOP MAKING This Life So .........  
........ " Tough " ........ !!!!!
It was certainly hard enough when I wrote this, however, who could of forecast how hard things may just get, with those now involved in todays world of politics & economics & of course BULL... !!!
Danielle Shorr Oct 2014
Tough girl isn't afraid of much
Tough girl is strong
And brave
Tough girl has mastered the art of apathy
The science of not giving a ****
She is confident
And swift
Tough girl has trained herself not to care
Walks with confidence
Keeps her head up
She is a whirlwind of resilience
Withstanding each disaster
Every hurricane
She refuses to let the world break her down
Her skin
Is a combination of metals
Her smile, a shield
Bone made of iron
She is incapable of corrosion
Her heart always guarded
She is unbreakable
Knows how to put up a fight
And win
She doesn't give in
And no matter how hard people try
To bring her down
She doesn't let them get to her
But I
Am not her
Our resemblance is uncanny
And I have the ability to pretend
To fake a sense of pride long enough to believe it
A concoction of false courage
And intimidation
But she
Is not me
Tough girl is everything I have ever tried to be
Having spent hours practicing blank stares
And learning how to walk
Like the ground below you isn't breaking
Trying to breathe like there isn't a storm building within
Resistance is a skill I have spent forever trying to build
But I am not solid
I am not tough
I am softness that wears rough around the edges
A jacket built of barriers
With barbed wire skin
All of this protection
And I somehow still manage
To frequently break open
I am not a super hero
I can barely save myself
Let alone anyone else
And as much as I wish I was
I am not tough girl
As much as we look alike
As similar as we seem
I am not she
I care too much
Think too deeply
And love too passionately
But I'm starting to realize
That maybe
It's not such a bad thing
Maybe the girl
I've been trying to be all along
Is not as put together as she seems
Those who appear fine
Are often the ones coming apart at the seams
I may not be tough girl
But I can still make believe.
SøułSurvivør Sep 2018

In heaven Satan was the best,
The worship-leader, very blessed
Magnificent, all would attest
Thought he'd be above the rest

He thought he should be in God's place
That he'd slap Jesus in the face
He fell from honor... fell from grace
In the end he lost the race

God is TOUGH.
They'll scream & shout!
All Satan's angels in a rout
In the end they got kicked out!
Satan thought he had a plan
Yep. He thought HE was the MAN
Finished before the Book began
He was like lightning as he fell
And in the end he'll go to hell.

YEAH. God don't play.
Don't take no guff.
There's a point
He had enough!
Had His fill of
Stupid stuff...
Let me tell you,


Pharaoh thought HE was all that.
On a golden throne he sat
Yeah, he WAS a mean ol' cat
Hebrew sweat made his land fat

Put the Hebrews through a LOT
But MOSES had another thought
Pharaoh's heart was
Hardened... caught
Through Moses God
Caused Egypt's rot...

Because of Moses' bravery
Pharaoh ended the slavery.

God is TOUGH!
They had no hope
God gave Pharaoh
Lot's of rope
Through Moses
God brought on a curse
Plagues of sorts which
Were the worst!
Pharaoh thought
He would be first
But it played out
As though rehearsed.

End of scene. Act. Then show!
Moses cried, "LET MY PEOPLE GO!"

Pharaoh did as it appears
40 YEARS!!


On the mountain God he wrote
The Ten Commandments
That he spoke.
They were written for the Folk
His very finger carved them out
As Moses stood up on the mount.
Moses came back for to find
His people had just lost their minds!
A golden calf is what they'd wrought
With the gold that they had brought
Moses made a golden draught
And made them drink it as they ought.

He begged with God
Not to destroy them!
Other tablets to deploy them.
To God's ways. There were Ten Commandments
So the people's have a moral fence.
God brought order. The Law was sent.
So the people would repent.

God is TOUGH! So don't be fooled!
He will judge... And by His rules!
Those who follow are as jewels
Those who don't are Devil's tools.


Now God has a dispensation
To save the people! Save the Nations!
God left heaven as a babe
So the people could be saved!
So His people could be well
From spirit's sickness - Satan's spell.
They called His name Emanuel.

From God's seed and divine birth
Jesus came and walked the Earth
His little flock he taught & gathered
He was teaching of the Father.
He taught goodness & great wisdom
He taught us how to
Find the Kingdom.

The Pharisees in anger brought
His death upon Him, for he taught!
He cast out demons. Healed many!
Gave the people food aplenty!
So the givers of the Law
Hated him for what they saw
Accused him of sin and vice
So they crucified the Christ.

God is TOUGH!
Jesus was cast down
With bitter gall and thorny crown
He put him in a criminal's grave
So that many could be saved!
Stripped of clothing and of pride
The wrath of God was satisfied
He put him in a criminal grave
So that many could be saved!

By his blood and by his death
He brought out the Lost, bereft.
For three days he was Underground
The women came and then they found
He had come forth! He had the keys!
From the devil took with ease
Hell, death, and the grave
He took all these!


Now, Christ in Resurrection stands
He's the greatest of the grand!
He gathers people from all lands
To bring them out
With a mighty hand!

But you'd better take advice...

Accept MERCY....


Cathy Jarvis
Slam poetry + Rap = SLAP!

Thanks for reading! I know it was long, but I hope it was worth the effort... I really put a lot of effort into it myself! God bless you!