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Betty May 12
What do you do when you get to the top?

Do you take a breath and stop and frown

Pause and look at the long way down

Do you wonder how long

You can keep your crown

Before someone else

With their eye on the prize

Starts their climb

And begins to rise

It’s tough at the top

So enjoy the view

Before someone else

Gets up there too

Staking their claim

And removing you!
rowdy lee May 10
maybe someday you'll meet a man
who will never blame you
but at the same time you may find out
how good it is to develop a character further
if development is going in the right direction

honesty must be cruel
that's how it moves on

I am wild
and lazy
and needless
sometimes I win
and sometimes I lose

but the main core is clear
nothing is a competition

so be tough
and do not cry
rowdy lee May 9
do not be kind
just be honest
that means
be kind

oh, yes
how to be really kind
sometimes it is easier to be quiet
more than
to be kind

there is nothing kind about silence
as you
losing time
for everybody

be kind
to yourself
Andrei Marin Apr 16
Wings of stone will weigh you down,
Not a shield, just a lie,
Forge from love, a thorny crown,
Wings of faith, to lift you high,
Hope will bind you to the sky.

Heart of stone will make you weak,
Won't protect you, just a lie,
Each day passing, it'll turn you sick,
But even now, you still can't cry,
In the end, don't ask why,
Your heart will shatter, freeze or die.
This is to all on the path of broken hearts... Sometimes it is healthier to accept the pain and go through it rather than hardening your hearts and hiding away.
neha yamba Mar 30
You should've taught me how to LET GO ,
I stood dumb frozen without a clue, on
how to tackle your practical overlook .
You kept explaining that we weren't meant to be .
How could i grasp ,without bursting into tears.
You felt fine after you emptied your heart,
you played my emotions and conveniently left .
And i stayed back not knowing how to move ahead .
You should've taught me how to LET GO , beforehand .
Steve Page Mar 26
Fluffy ain't easy
Fluffy ain't weak
Fluffy is tough
a close-knit physique
Just saw a story of a sheep who got lost in the wild.  After 6 years, growing 60 pounds of wool, it had seen off wolf attacks by having a too impenetrable wool coating.  Great design.
Cayley Raven Mar 26
Rainy day or not
windy, cold or hot
People young and old
careless, scared or bold
yellow, white and black
curvy, slim or fat
full of love or full of hate
the virus don´t discriminate
Tough times ahead of us
Mansi Mar 17
The world tells me
That I need to be tough
And cold
To make it in this
Ruthless world

I don’t want that for myself
Cause I know what loneliness
Feels like
I have no intention of
Going through
That again
Cassie Lane Gray, ever so slight of frame
Hit harder than a train, playing her martial games
Cassie ran eight miles a day, and she never strayed
Her routine was tough as iron, her boxing gloves were frayed

Her momma put her in ballet, but later on, she disobeyed
Strapping wraps to wrists, uppercut finisher each day
And when she said she wanted to box, her momma turned away
But she was gonna fight, with no one in her way

Cassie Lane Gray grew up poor in San Jose
Never had much to say, just wanted in the fray
Her ballet, in a way, made her opponents pay
As she moved with dancer's sway, they later would convey

Cassie's family prayed that she would portray
The sweet and simpering visage of a classy dame
But it wasn't in the cards, for Cassie Lane Gray
The "Bantam Weight Ballerina"
A strong young fighting woman
Was in the ring to stay
This poem was inspired by a filthy ragtag tomboy friend that I spent a lot of my youth with.  She was tough as nails and loved to box.  Her parents had tried to put her on the pageant circuit every year, and every year they would find her in a ripped and muddy dress, fighting with the boys.  She was such a wonderful person and despite several state boxing championships, her parents never loved or appreciated her work and accomplishments.  Follow your dreams and don't let anyone try fit you into their mold.
alexa Mar 15
been through too much,

dealt with too little.
i cant cope with much anymore. i’m almost numb; desensitized, if you will.
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