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She has a aneurysm ; cuz she has a huge heart!
Johnny walker Mar 23
I close my eyes sometimes and smell those summery days long gone but such wonderful memories that
seem so
still remembering one such time Helen dressed a lovely summer dress walking hand In hand over the back fields behind our house
had my arm around her waist but naughty boy
slap my on wrist decided to get adventurous lowering my hand on to Helen's
all a sudden I felt what was like an electric shock on taking my hand away there was an enormous honey bee right the middle of my
I quickly brushed away and then had to remove the sting which was still pumping
It had obviously been attracted to Helen's perfume but the moral of the story don't presume to
much to
Naughty boy I was putting my hand in Helen's bottom and paid the price with a sting from huge honey bee
Maxim Keyfman Oct 2018
this blanket is new
completely different lies one it
from a huge bear of
medvedy which I caught a long time
long ago this blanket is new

this blanket is new it lies
I will save and protect it
my safety lies and pride
and honor and great inspiration
this blanket is new

this blanket is new
it was a knight it yes when
it was both fish and sea and stars
it was everything and especially bear
yes this blanket my new lies so there is

Maxim Keyfman Oct 2018
a huge strong wind in the street
on the street and in the squares and even on the mountain
where I was where I sang songs at all
recently today where met evening where
watched the sunset and yawned and tired and raged

a huge huge strong wind outside the window
as if the fire no longer holds the frame
as if the fire had completely forgotten what it was
it was as if I was losing myself once and for all
and forever and to the end and forever and forever so

and today many different sounds were reproduced
many different sounds and minor and major
but most birds and I was like birds in flight
and shouted and sang I and I created a huge parade because
that the wind never leaves my heart

wanting a huge stage
to display her excellence
for all the world's eyes

alas she cried
on getting a tiny platform
not too grand of size
sankavi Jun 2018
you know how when you run a huge race and you see the finish line and get so happy
you want the end to come so fast

thats me with life
Bardo Apr 2018
Like a muscular drummer drumming,
    the Big wind
It gathers itself, twirls its sticks
Then swooping suddenly lambasts its
Thrashes the coast, sways the trees
    and rocks the boats
Lathers into it;
Its cymbals crashing are the smash of
    the sea against the rocks
The trees running amuck over the
    rising mountains.


With a draught of this air drawn in to
    fill my sails
To have the big windmills of my blood
And ******* out then across the bay
Up over the headland, out over the
    wide open sea
A Colossus emerging and none to
    stand in my way.
The sea comes alive on stormy days and gets into your soul
Nayana Nair Mar 2018
I see you there
on the terrace of a house
that I must imagine,
for I have never seen it
in all the years we have been together-
your house-
that sits on the same piece of land as mine.
The roads,
the night,
the days-that separate us.
The words that fill
this huge space between us
little by little.
Trying to bring me closer to you,
these words day by day
fill this city to its brim.
Till I hear your heart
from miles away.
But I feel you are not mine
As your words, like poison
eat away my love.
I miss those streets, the nights.
I miss the days
when there was more to this world,
than you.
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