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david mitchell Nov 2019
torpedo ink, some doubts to sink,
another mouthful, bruising to bethink.
without lexical integrity,
they're solecistic towards pedagogy, amusingly distinct.
basking in the blasphemy, armed to the teeth, blameless and bruised,
putting on another comical skit, guiltlessly bemused.
but don't sit next to me at this ball,
i'm pensively perusing the aisles of protocol.
baffled, more putrid than pellucid,
this hobnobbing appalls me, the exclusively reclusive.
a nuisance shindig, conversations far too allusive.
enough with the palaver, and this shallow vernacular,
far too stupid, far too human, forehead now growing vascular.
make way for me to make hastily for the exit, please,
my apologies, but i'm far too pedantic to revel in this cesspit, jeez.
david mitchell Oct 2019
anomalous, employing confidence despite artlessness,
effortlessly emending residual callowness.
seldom forgetting to find the time and peace of mind
to wield my puerilism as a social chisel,
avoiding parergies, attempting to carve out a balance
in between conscious frivolity and daily drivel.
david mitchell Oct 2019
a ruby motive.
pruriently evolving,
to a lotus tree.
david mitchell Oct 2019
the sequence requires a temporal pretense,
thusly prescribing time to thoughts that i tend to frequently frequent,
learning to liken my notions to pen strokes, ascensive.
harmonizing with the world, instead of agonizing over it,
prosperous from this defective preemptive pension.
remaining aggressively pensive, and peaceably gamboling,
towards a dangerously receptive conscious-less contemplation.
never unrelenting with the questioning, iron-****** in the leavening.
perpending, then comprehending viable praxis and cognation.
flirting with what i initially anticipated, practicing diurnal satiation.
david mitchell Oct 2019
transcend underneath cacophonous birdsong,
not in the flowers or trees,
feeling more at home in this less than urgent morning breeze.

feeling my fingers flutter, hammer to paper,
i penned my own nail.

didn't know until now quite how childhood tapered.
now finding no logic in subscription to faith in the future tense,
whether that happens to be through hopes or through dreams,
i don't seem to bring myself to expect anything.

contrasting prior maxims and beliefs,
i am preemptively eating every single word i speak.

in terms of uncertain worship the question is not whether to;
the cogs bear their teeth when queried via how, what, and why.

naught to seek, adorn in a figment of pseudo nautical chic,
my face betrays, it may misspeak.
i don't need a place to stay,
i don't have a place i seek.
coquetting with myself,
i am ever at my peak.
all it takes is a re-frame
david mitchell Aug 2019
it can be hard to assess necessity in a cesspit,
calculating and scouring different ways to find respite.

it can be hard to commit time against the heart.

finding access to hiatus just to breathe,
it's never been easy to be lazarus.

unsure of consequence, skirting bereavement,
reborn doesn't necessarily imply previous demise,
what's almost new cannot be considered unwhole,
nor can it be trusted as a reprise.

it's an artful venture to learn the cadence of presence,
not an effort or a movement, but something of a lucid sweven,
something nestled in the stitching of the seventh heaven.

autonomously authoring my perception,
desecularizing my intense intent and conception.

understand that the brain is a somatosensory mech pilot,
no shame, no rhythm, just an absently-go-lucky organism,
chasing imaginary crystalline butterflies into the background,
thriving in the quietness, malaprop to say forever semper-vivus.

i consume my need to separate ideas as fuel for philomathematics,
pioneering new tactics, new habits, through acts of active practice,
emphatically denouncing the topical, the maladroit, the labels,
let me sing my own mantra,
humming to the hymn of my own humble tantra.
ratiocination has led me down a path of discovery, not of self or of matter or of morals explicitly, but all there is to find.
forever in awe of it all. be humble, be whole.
david mitchell Jul 2019
being in the way
of absolutely nothing
is the way to be
i'm thoughtless
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