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Zywa Jan 28
I'm fine, I clean up

broken pieces, quickly I --

look outside again.
"Doordeweeks" ("On weekdays", 2017, Mustafa Kör)

Collection "SoulSenseSun"
Izzy W Jun 2020
When the word was made,
There was nothing.
One thing was made, then another.
The had many sisters and brothers.
Over time, they grew,
Into me and you.
We survived off the water,
from which we were born,
Until the 7 deadly storms.
They killed the ones who didn't survive,
and left the survivors still alive.
Now we are here,
me, and you
Turning the world back to nothing.
Pollution is ruining the world's oceans and making species go extinct. We need to lend a hand in protecting the environment.
Jules Oct 2019
I poured my heart out but it all hit the floor in front of you.
Who's to clean it up?
You pushed it under the rug.
Nadia Oct 2019
Neighbourhood bash
In a flash
We dashed
We splashed
Garbage thrashed
and cached
We conquered trash
To earn our sash
See you at the rehash
Anya Sep 2018
When I was but a child
To litter seemed a scandelous crime
As we were taking a walk one day
I vowed
That I’d bring
My plastic grabby tool out
And clean it all up
We got home
Milk and cookies
Was all it to took
For me to forget
A couple of years later
I saw a piece of plastic in our yard
I picked it up
Brought it home
And disposed of it
Feeling great about myself
The year after my brother happened to have a park cleanup
At his school
I had time
So I thought,
Why not?
I came along
Used funky tools
Counted each piece I picked up
Feeling good about myself
Then I went home
To eat some cookies
The next time I saw a piece of trash,
I acknowledged there wasn’t anything much I would do about it
After that I stopped noticing all together

They instill the knowledge in kids
That littering is bad
But just words
Are words
Until we put in a team effort
Rather than acknowledging others will do it for us
Or that it’s too hopeless
Nothing will ever get done

— The End —