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Dipesh Jul 16
I write this now but did you know whenever I
try to write,
you hold my hand,
and you make my fingers go numb,
you're such a control freak,
you hold me back!
I don't want you anymore.

Because you don't want the best of me,
you want me to waste my
life, my precious time,
you are not my friend,
and your friendship is not the end
of my evils, it makes me want them
even more,
So today, I declare you a stranger,
you are free to wander around, and maybe
come back sometimes,
but know this- I will not allow you to stay.

Go away now.
Note to my lazy-self.
Bless me not with
Rings and things!

Oh, bless me not
With wealth!

Bless me not with
Pow’r of kings!

But bless me by

…For anything
That tempteth

Mine heart away
From Love –

Yea, life itself
To part with! –

If rest not but

If You Know Thyself
then you know the world

Motivated by madness
and driven by desire,
dive into the pool of passion
and swim deep as you can.

If You Know Thyself
then you know the world

The window of life
has many views,
always respect reality
It’s really really real.

If You Know Thyself
then you know the world

Learning something new
everyday is powerful,
be steadfast In your ability
to conquer challenges.

If You Know thyself
then you know the world

And when we know the world, we know us
Nigel Finn Oct 2018
Take a break, because life is long
But nothing’s as bad as it seems,
When the reality around you’s all gone wrong
And the night just brings bad dreams.

As endless as life seems to be
Know nothing lasts forever
If not for you, there’d be no me
When my tomorrows turn to never

I don’t care who you are to me
If we’re strangers or we’re friends
My love’s for all humanity
And tomorrow never ends…
Found this in an old collection of notes that were almost lost forever. I'm leaving this one here so that I won't forget to work on it in the future. I feel like it has potential.
Kalen Doleman Jul 2018
Essence is what's inside your mind.
In-spirit you rise.
In-spirited you float.
Inspired your life is as boundless as the universe.
Äŧül Jan 2016
Like sweet & sour,
Life sure is peppy,
And even a bit more.

Imbalanced like my old diet,
It is more on the sour side.

But it's okay for me,
More patient I'll be.

I'll not make time bend,
For I know not the end.

Making sure to keep her happy,
But forgetting not I'm not a puppy.

Except abandoning it at stakes,
Learning from my mistakes,
Give life all what it takes.
My HP Poem #970
©Atul Kaushal

— The End —