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Ellis Reyes Sep 2021
I see you there
In the rearview mirror of my life
As I move forward
we'll never ride
side by side
Kate Ballalatak Jan 2016
he's black, white,
and read all over
by acquaintances in his
circumference of people.
but no one asks,
no one takes the time,
to inquire behind
the gray mix of his
black and white appearance.
perhaps he's a light blue,
or a pretty yellow
that mistakenly ran into
some gray along the way,
but no one knows
because they'd rather spend
their sunday morning judging
a black story on a white page
than exploring the vast depth
of an intricate person.
Anna Oct 2014
catching a being(a person more or less)
caught in the in between
pushed to the unknown will devour every devious, dashing, *****, damaged, derogatory thought
in your mind
but then in the end you're nothing more than casual closet acquaintances
and you've come to realize they never really tasted it at all
just fed it to the dog
and you laugh to yourself
you're going to catch one again
but fishing isn't that fun
after the eighteenth time
with nothing to show for it
but another drink
but as they say,
Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder.

— The End —