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WickedHope Jan 2017
No one buys used *** dolls.
Why did I expect you to?
Take me off the shelf,
Please I encourage it.
Pop me.
Deflate me until I'm so flat
Running me over makes no difference.
Running has never been an option.
You can't run
When you're made of air,
And shadows.
I just sit hear silently praying
That is isn't another test drive.
Run me over.
Run me over.
Run me over.
I am a mess.
Am I too clean for cutting?
WickedHope Mar 2015
I miss you
But I can't miss you
If I miss you
You win
Or I lose
Or something
And I keep losing
I keep breaking
I'm tired
So very tired
I wish I could sleep
But insomniacs don't sleep
When they throw away their
Seals have it easy.

You were my lullaby.
- - -
WickedHope Mar 2015
(maybe i'm a mistake)
mistakes happen all the time

just erase them and they'll be gone
erase the mistake
erase it
erase her
(erase me)

i wonder what being erased feels like
to feel nothing
but not in this way
this poisonous way
this painful way
of feeling nothing

i wonder what it feels like to be nothing
but not dirt nothing
not sludge nothing
not this nothing that stings

i wonder where the nothings go
where the mistakes go
when they're erased

i have to stop running
i run from the right things
and to the wrong thing
or is it to the right things
and away from the wrong things

it's hard to tell
when everything is in motion

can't we press pause
someone press pause
someone just press pause

i am spinning and falling
but i don't hit the ground
the dirt
(i am the dirt)

i just keep spinning
and i flip over and over
without touching anything
without stopping
without pausing
(someone stop me)

i keep running
(make me stop
make me sit tight
and stay in one place
make me fixed
not a mistake

(erase me
erase me and replace me

replace (me) with the correct thing
the right thing
the finally-makes-sense thing
the feels-right thing
the safe thing
the not-so-crazy thing
the stable thing

(erase me
and send me
to the place the nothings go
Listening to From Autumn to Ashes.
WickedHope Feb 2015
One month.
I'm still waiting
For myself
To find a way
To **** this up.
I think I'm getting there.
WickedHope Feb 2015
Cut open



The scared little girl

I didn't want

To be seen

If I'm faking



Will I be

Read top to bottom or bottom to top.
WickedHope Jan 2015
I'm the kind of silence at a funeral
I'm the abrupt pause after the drunk passes out
I'm the silence after the twig snaps
I'm the quiet still of a corpse
Does anyone else want chinese right now?
WickedHope Jan 2015
I'm in love

With myself,

I have to be,

Because there's no one

Who can do that

For me.
WickedHope Dec 2014
The Secret To Being Single:
Be A Broken Person.
Merry Christmas babe.
Seriously though, how's Your Fencer doing, Two A.M.?
WickedHope Dec 2014
I need to stop talking,
Before I


anything else.
Sometimes I refuse to talk
Sometimes I can't shut up.

Another stupid 10 word.
Someone punch me.
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