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The Ripper Jul 2017
I had lung cancer,
now I'm minus that airbag-

Oral cancer on the horizon; burning bright,
like the sun on a Long Beach day.

I'm still vvaiting on the Seagulls;
I have this bread to toss.

This relationship vvith Death breeds: **** Fear
a nevv beginning; I'm ready.
The Ripper Jun 2017
Stretched out on my table
bound gagged brunette
I admire the bolster && ****

Svveet midnight scales
vvith a tang that never disappoints
You are my Thanksgiving
my slash Queen

My ruin runs deep & cold
vvith it
I vvill **** everything You knovv

Once done carving
I remove Your pearls
and keep them in my pocket
for a future moonless stroll
The Ripper Apr 2017
My tongue is leathered
vvith glory
an oral  j  u m  p   r o p e
            in the darkness!

might you trip
&& break a femur
to make a meal of yourself?

Once prepared
alongside the parsnips && carrots
I relish your eyes
&& make no apologies
for being

Don't be sad
to be svvallowed
are not as lucky
The Ripper Dec 2016
Door **** lock
mouth puffed vvith

pink extension
   under circular
compressed tree matter

bended knee
shook off number

grease under thumb
  left knee
    hangnail & an eyelid

this tvvitch
   vvont stop
  for 40
I'm certain
The Ripper Dec 2016
Broken body's rack
new life into lung
Gold vvrapped platinum sludge
Decadron makes buzz
6 months in the novv
MRI goes clack
Ativan don't quell
Image movement shakes
The Ripper Dec 2016
Take your skin
fold it over my bones
make me
   your nevv home
hang my coat
on your
a pale place
   found inside of you
shedding those fears
bruises of rejection
The garden vvill be
our minds
   raked vvith passion
to a depth
that vve
vvill N  E  V  E  R
   knovv the hunger
of bonds
The Ripper Dec 2016
I just heard
a blood curdling scream,
in the     d i s t a n c e.

VVho ever you are;
I love your music of fear,
I imagine you're running

I hope you trip
so they catch you;
& practice origami
on your viscera,
as beautiful as your:
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