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The Ripper Dec 2016
Broken body's rack
new life into lung
Gold vvrapped platinum sludge
Decadron makes buzz
6 months in the novv
MRI goes clack
Ativan don't quell
Image movement shakes
The Ripper Jun 2017
Stretched out on my table
bound gagged brunette
I admire the bolster && ****

Svveet midnight scales
vvith a tang that never disappoints
You are my Thanksgiving
my slash Queen

My ruin runs deep & cold
vvith it
I vvill **** everything You knovv

Once done carving
I remove Your pearls
and keep them in my pocket
for a future moonless stroll
The Ripper Apr 2017
My tongue is leathered
vvith glory
an oral  j  u m  p   r o p e
            in the darkness!

might you trip
&& break a femur
to make a meal of yourself?

Once prepared
alongside the parsnips && carrots
I relish your eyes
&& make no apologies
for being

Don't be sad
to be svvallowed
are not as lucky
The Ripper Dec 2016
These lungs have sighed
   they have gasped
these lungs have yelled
    they have failed
These lungs breath
once more
     for another round
of life
      to be snatched
in the end
       again && again
vvith no end
       to be relished
The Ripper Dec 2016
I hope
that an asteroid
this planet
  smash it up
real good
 into a pulp
you vvonderful God
of a universe

g o o d n e s s

   Flip off
my bathroom light
one last time
   burn it up
all this stuff
   that ******* traps me
into sickness
   but please
be kind &&
         is a virtue
          that I
            don't mind
The Ripper Dec 2016
I remember her most
as a vvaitress
kinda like Flo on Mel's diner
she became a millionaire
once upon a time
but she died 6 years ago
her body just happens to be here
Lost in a thought
fleeting yet thick
like a forest
in time
the vvoods will thin && fall
releasing her spirit
The Ripper Nov 2016
The heart;
in all of it's tragic
is nothing
but a victim.
The Ripper Nov 2016
o n e
I vvill be
g o n e
you'll glance back
&& notice my
h e a r t
by that time
ash vvill be
h o m e
don't shed a
t e a r
free from the
d r o n e
The Ripper Nov 2016
As a young boy I learned
that I had a black knack
it vvas passed on to me
from a vvoman who passed
Some days it feels
like a rabid curse
I don't need to knovv
before you shovv me first
at death I thought
I vvould have been
but upon reentry
I was still clairvoyant
The Ripper Nov 2016
S  i  c k
      f  u  c k

for a sick vv o r l d
                            i n t o  m y
        d e p r a v i t y  &
                    ­       j
t h e s
       s vv a l l o vv  my  words
     of  t vv i r l & Quill

     Save your teeth
       for a dinner date
        to chevv
         O N  M E a t
       try not to be late

At a distance,
       quaint and vvell reserved;
  upon closer revievv:
      a buzzard creating jerks
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