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Some stuff has been happening to me and I don't know what to do anymore. The stress is more than I can bare; but am expected to. And I know this website is about poetry, but ya'll are like family so I need some advice. Here is a vague explanation on what's going on:
Well I almost got kidnapped for one. About a week ago and I've been scared to be by myself since then. My grandpa has stage 4 lung cancer; the thing is he's known he's had cancer for 10 months and refused to get treatment. He's dying! And I'm stuck 600 miles away form him, I can't help. I can only be here for my siblings. My mom is with him and has been gone for weeks and she doesn't know when she is coming back it won't be for a few months. I am left with cleaning the house 24/7, and while I'm there for everyone else whose there for me?
What is love?

love is when you on the end of your rope,
and he gets more rope to tie it too.

love is the feeling you get when,
that special someone turns and looks at you.

love is thinking about the worst thing he's done
and still smiling and laughing.

love is the overwhelming since of joy,
that is unecspected and exspected all at once.

love is risking it all for the single,
reason you should hide.

love is the feeling I get when I,
see, hear, or think of you Teddy Bear.
  Jan 2020 Krissi Micha Dees
"Sometimes you leave the ones you love, But if it's love, they won't give up, 'Cause they know a war's raging and you gotta choose, These days are tough, these days are long, Sometimes it's hard, you carry on, But I hear a voice singing and I know it's true"
(Not made by me)
There is no denying it.
But she wasn't that kind of beautiful
that made everyone turn,
Or took everyone's breath away when
she entered the room.
Her beauty was hidden,
But once you see it, she becomes
nothing but beautiful.
She was the kind of beautiful that
keeps you up at night,
The kind that makes us love every
part of her.
Some people may not see it,
And you know they can't,

But she was beautiful.
  Dec 2019 Krissi Micha Dees
tw: self harm

There’s this noise
It’s on repeat
In my head
And it’s whispering
In the back of my mind

do it again
                  cut deeper this time
   don’t you want to see the blood?
                       don’t you want to feel the pain?
        you want it.              i know.
                         just pull out the knife
              clean it
and release

  Dec 2019 Krissi Micha Dees
I have been attracted to you for a while
but didn’t think you felt the same.
but infact you might even like me more.
you think i’m beautiful and special indeed.
you’ve trapped me in your heart and blue eyes
you tell me you were to shy to tell me,
but i was too shy to tell you.
do you love me?
do I love you?
do you love me afterall?
you say things that make me blush.
and tell me what i want to hear.
you call me baby and your love.
things really did work out, didn’t they.
I’ve missed this feeling of love.
i guess you just might love me after all.
thank you, you.
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