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Steelyvibe Aug 2018
Control alt delete
Not yet obsolete
Micro electronic brain
Bypass network domain

Automated apparatus
Instrument monitor status
Central processing unit
Rackmount server outfit

Software hardware firmware
Computer fatigue despair
Frozen screen blindness
Information process

Program stopped responding
No more corresponding
Hour glass count down
Start power shut down
Steelyvibe Jul 2018
Radio waves around your head
Like an analogue dream
Dark voices speaking loud
Transmitted on a particle beam
Rescued from the cold abyss
You woke me with your acid kiss

Polymorph and red dwarf
Ferris wheel of distraction
Crawling across the kitchen floor
You can't feel the traction
Rescued from the cold abyss
You woke me with your acid kiss
Steelyvibe Jul 2018
With loads of time to fantasize
About living the Bermuda paradise
San Tropez, Marbella and Capri
The French Riviera and the Mediteranean sea

Dyed blonde hair and teeth like pearls
Night club champagne 'In Crowd' girls
Dance in Rome and kiss in Paris
Luxurious lifestyle you learnt to cherish

Paparazzi socialite idle rich
Expensive sports car posing *****
Boeing, Concorde club class flying
Jet stream travel is electrifying
Jet Set from the 60's & 70's
Steelyvibe Jul 2018
You talk to me with chilled tone
And I can see your breath in the air
Whispering dreams of polar ice caps
That covers our cold cold love affair
And cools our frozen love

Frosty eyes that stare at me
Numb the pain of our past
Mountain range of rocky life
Shines like the weather forecast
On our frozen love
Steelyvibe Jul 2018
In the shadows of the Island
The moon killer on the prowl
Trio of eccentric professors
An echo of a howl
Turn out the light and interconnect
The mysterious Dr X

A technicolor ****** scene
See the bizarre experiment
A creepy lab, a fiendish killer
An evil development
He waits to see who is next
The mysterious Dr X

A group of strange wax figures
The victim bound to a chair
Peculiar feeling of cold mechanism
In a Gothic horror nightmare
Who is the killer suspect
The mysterious Dr X
Steelyvibe Jun 2018
Apocalyptic political chaos
Point missiles towards the sky
Arguments that take us round in circles
We might as well dance until we die

Religious zealots pursuing madness
Use the Web for a battle cry
They seek us out wherever we are
We might as well dance until we die

Obesity has over taken famine
As the main economic supply
We are eating are way into oblivion
We might as well dance until we die

Time is running out on this planet
And space ships wave goodbye
To seek out another earth
We might as well dance until we die
Steelyvibe Jun 2018
In the solitude of London trying to forget the past
The chaotic mess of my life played out at last
A forgotten trench coat steps out the shadows
Towards a romance of glorious tomorrows

Standing tall by the lamppost at twilight
Cigerette in hand, collar turned up tight
The pale moon shines down onto the street
And lights a faint mist around your feet

He pulls back his hat by its brim
Grey eyes beckon me over to him
He takes me in the folds of his coat
I swoon as my heart starts to float
Written through the eyes of a women
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