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Poetry is not a hobby
one can practice a hobby
showcase it
compete against others

But poetry can't be forced
No one can just sit and write
without having experianced

There must be feeling or emotion
the distruction of monotony
somthing much more
than just words
on a page.
Dear J.

You say you never cry
but your eyes are always red
you say you love life
but would rather be dead

You think no one loves you
(although it's not true)
You think no one cares
but I still do

That's why I was scared
Scared enough to pray
when you didn't come to school
that Valentine's day.

Please stop saying
that nobody loves you
turn around my dear because
look, I do.
This was about when a friend of mine didn't come to school one day, and I thought he had ended it. of course he only had a cold and came back the next day, but I was genuinly worried. If someone is having self worth issues, please tell them you care and don't want them gone.
Dear Miss L,

I'm sorry my poem's not a ballad like you asked
I guess I'm not up to the task
of your poetry class

I'm sorry it's a slant rhyme
and not exact or true
my meaning fulwords
seem never impress you

I'm sorry this project's late
and I'll get a seventy five
I guess I'm just the type
to procrastinate my whole life

I know I didn't meet
the requirements you set
but you haven't hered
the last of me yet

The words meant a lot
which I wrote that day
so, sorry
but I think I'll turn it any way

Now that I think about it, this is more of a diss track but whatever. I wrote this about my poem "Unhinged". I had writen a meaningful poem, yet all she cared about was weather or not it had the correct rhyme scheme. can be rapped if desired.
I go through the day,
I go through the motions,
I go though my life,
faking these emotions.

What does it mean,
this world in which we dwell?
Could it be heaven,
could it be hell?

I don't remember
why I'm doing this.
Is there even meaning  
in my meak existance?

Is my fate predestined,
or is someone pulling a string?
Am I mearly human,
or am I realy nothing?

Some day I'll learn
the reason I exist.
Untill then,
I'll decide to be an optimist.
Some one once told me
to love others, I must first love myself
Somthing I could never do

Nonsense, I could never love this mess that I call myself

but your smile
your voice
your warmth

so comforting.
so beautiful

sometimes I'm able to forget what hating myself feels like
when I'm in your arms.
They say we should take away guns
If those were gone we would use blades,
If those were gone we would use stones,
If those were gone we would use poison
If those were gone we would use our tainted, hateful, bare hands.

Humans always find a way to hurt one another
Guns don't **** people; people **** people.
Changing what's in our hands won't make a difference,
Changing what's in our hearts will make all the difference
Chloe Peacock Feb 27
I say I'm okay
I tell you I'm fine
I don't want you to feel  
This hurting of mine

I feign indifference
I pretend I don’t care
I don’t want to bother you
With the pain I bare

I laugh and pretend  
That their words don't sting  
But Sometimes I feel  
They don’t know a thing  

Most write it off
As actualy fine  
But I know you see through
This façade of mine  

Now I'll say something  
You want to hear
Im sorry  
For hiding the pain my dear
Written in response to "Okay" By: Joliver
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