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You're like the sunrise
     the one that shines my yesterday's mistakes
         for me to see a new solution

You're like the sunset
      As the sun rests itself on the sea
in your arms I found my peace
   and the hands that will hold
my future

You're like the moon
      In waves of spectacular moments of being in love
        I was pulled by your gravity
and drowned by your healing waters

No matter what the skies offer me
     I thank God more
      for having the brightest woman
to light up my life
Oh my love
  you're a masterpiece
Shivam S Jul 2017
Sing a song
Tell me your name
Quote a man
And your never ending pain.
All these years
Which you have kept
From you and me
All the same.

Girl sing a song
Tell me your pain
Show me your scars
Of all those wars.
That you have fought
In the name
of god
All the same.

Sing me a song
Tell me your name.
We will sing it along
All the same.
Of all those scars in the name of war which never heal. No war brought any good to this world.
Wordsinalign Apr 2017
In between slurred words and short pauses, I tried to explain myself. Gravitating to telling the same story all over again.

A tale of how I said those words in vain, only to never have them last me pain. I prayed every time to be soaked by the city lights, to let me drench by the drizzling skies.

Every street light has a story of someone fuelled by never ending fury. Let me add one more tale to be written about a princess who failed, the one who bowed down and never prevailed.

'Her words are heard, not echoing wild in the void, her tale waiting patiently by the sidelines, yet to be told.'

My words fell upon deaf ears, silently understood by someone after years. The tear drops had disappeared from my crow's feet, I longed for the one who could make my heart take fleet.

'Long together with me, for the path seems long. Find solace in knowing there's company.'

This was an unfamiliar territory even for me. I only dreamt of what it would feel like when it drew near. My eyes saw reality for the first time, I didn't know what was to be said that would make our hearts rhyme. Should I straighten out my face, hide the crow's feet and learn to please? Now that I dint long for company, how does one keep the tease?

On a night among the trees, when you and I once meet, with drink and plants your mother nurtures, we'll talk some about some, and more...

— The End —