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Maria Etre Jul 2019
The music of you
is too strong
that's why my poetry
is silent
Randall Walker Sep 2017
You’ve heard what I’ve sung,
You’ve read what I wrote,
But can that get
To the heart of all my hopes?
So I run away, I smoke;
Getting by
With desperate gropes.
And I groan,
                   and I moan,
                                      but ****, just cut the ropes!
And these chains, that maim,
They’re gone, just like smoke,
My skin no longer cut up
                            Like dandruff
Think soap.
Alienpoet Jul 2016
In the darkness of a book
In the cradle of a look
In the flower of enlightened uncertainty
In the birth of God the word of eternity
What you think you may become
Voices echo like the drum
Flames burn in words
Love the greatest flame of all
Eternal word of creation
Of us all
The word given in the beginning
Hope to start us singing
An angelic sky to watch the sunrise
On a mountain
To drink from the fountain
On heavens earth
To watch a son or a daughters birth
To remember a kiss
In remembrance there is this
Etched in histories thought
The word is caught
Captured in the collective mind
Sung in divine times.
SassyJ Apr 2016
Path trended and passed
In silence they weep and act
Aisle after aisle a memory sung
Trespassed as eventful melody

Spears of death sink inwards
Body trembles as it fades away
A belong to the bare soiled ground
As the whispers of the wind evaporate

I lost my shoes, my clothes all torn
Blended in moulded formed horns
Knees crashed on the pebbles
I recite my said and unsaid repentance

The bricks, blocks and boxes boast
Rising above the past I long lost
As the heat rise, they make passion
A traction, the subtractions,a surmise

The sunrise once bright disappears
The lens clogged in blurry vision
A bird within flutters and mutters
Drifty as the phone once held slide

Out of reach, out of touch, outer tours
Over sensed danger, the blackened day
Liberated in clear skies,unclouded reforms
The pounded bells echoes lullabies of calm
IsReaL E Summers Nov 2015
A thousand shouting calvary
Raise arms and tails
They surround me
On all sides
No where to run
No where to hide
But as the guitar slides
My dreaming becomes
Thru the meadows of metal
Luscious as laced lasses
Eyes green as the greenest grasses
With big ol'
Glasses, of wine-for-the-soul,
The beats move my control
From hot to cold
Im frank,
Your bold
Hold strong
It won't be too long now
Till we dance and sing
He died for you too
"dah de by o"
Yes, YOU too!
Danced danceDANCE DANCEdance dancing dance dancers dancing dancedance sing singers singing song sung
Rockie Jul 2015
You haven't heard the sweetest sound
Until you've listened to a song
Played on piano
And sung with true feeling
You haven't heard this song before
Have you?
vikas chauhan May 2015
I become a such song which is never sung by anyone.
I become  a flower which is never plucked by anyone.
I become a road which is never travelled by anyone.
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