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War    -    New York
War    -    New York

After the war,
I went back to New York.

Studies, Law.
Practice Law.

                                                           ­           B
                                                    ­      M
       ­                                 L
Alexander Hamilton began to       C                                

How to account for his rise to the   Top?
Man, the man is...

Are you aware that we're making History.?          
(history has it's eyes on us)                                                

N       ­                                    do                           ­                    N
O                                          ­ you                                             O
N                                      assume                                            N
-                                        you're                                             -
S           ­                                the                              ­                 S
T                                       smarte­st                                         T
O                   ­                        in                                       ­        O
P                                           the                                              P
                         ­              room? (where it happened)

Why do you write like you're running out of time?
Write day and night like you're running out of time?
Ev'ry day you fight, like you're running out of time.


I practiced law,                                          
                  ­               I practically
                                      perfected it

C o n s t i t u t i o n a l   c o n v e n t i o n

Alexander?                                                   ­                                       
                         ­                                                            Aaron burr, sir.
It's the middle of the night.                                                           ­     
                                                           ­                        Can we confer, sir?
Is this a legal matter?                                                          ­                
                                                ­                    Yes, and it's important to me.
What do you need?                                                            ­                
                                                      Burr, you're a better lawyer than me.

Burr, we studied and we fought and we killed
For the notion of a nation we now get to build
For once in your life, take a stand with pride
I don't understand how you stand to the side

w a i t   f o r   i t

Sailing > London.
A n g e l i c a

The fact that you're alive is a miracle,
Just stay alive, that would be  e n o u g h.


How do you write like tomorrow won't arrive?
How do you write like you need it to survive?
How do you write ev'ry second you're alive?

Treasury                             or                                    State

I have to leave                              

Look around, Look around
H e l p l e s s
He will never be statisfied
That would be  e n o u g h
History has it's eyes on you


So what did I miss?
Have you read this?
Brandon Conway Nov 2018
The cold usurped the trees
I watch their children fall
filling up the wet street
winter forestalled with a cask
                                             of alcohol

watch as the tip of his tongue
touches the roof of his mouth
whips down and spouts out
the reasons why we have
                                         this drought

but its raining now
maybe something will grow
or a sea of spit
with rolling waves
                              will overflow

I told her I would try
to rekindle with him
stuck in cabin's twilight
sewing sinews of this
                         phantom limb

how does one talk
before they think
does he hear the words
that dribble into his
                               warm drink

then ascends as steam
back into that cavernous nose
to permeate his brain
and slowly seeps into
                             tattered clothes

this "vacation" will be over
but not soon enough
a couple more days
all I have to do is
                         avoid fisticuffs

no promises.
Danilo Florenzio Jun 2018
Don't sleep or you'll miss it
A dream will not be so worthy
I'll lift you to feel it
I promise you will love to feel *****

Soon, it will be too late to stop
You will feel how your hips will hop

Will these fantasies make you feel afraid to
sink in pleasure(which is never a bad thing)?
I will give you so much, you'll need a break, then
it will be better, after all, you'll have to say:

Do you find freedom when you're captured?
Do you lose reason when you're tamed?
Now i'm your heathen and i won't release you
But whenever you wanna' switch roles, just let me know

Soon, it will be too late to stop
You will feel how your hips will hop
Wherever you wish, from down or on top
We do not have time(or the need) to stop
Show me how you often tame
JWolfeB Aug 2014
It reminded me of the way you talk


A perfection of revolutions.

Telling me of things already known.

I tasted the ignorance on your lips.

Fill me up with your everything.

Your breath. The wind.

Stale air.

I don’t feel cool.

You’re pushing air in circles.

Chopping up all the times I asked for forgiveness.

Forgive me.

Until this moment.

Please give me a breeze of all the moments you have watched me act ungodly.

— The End —