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May 22
Thinking about all the times I said yes
Just to make others happy
Now everyone seems to have forgotten
That my life is my own.

This is why they don't teach you to say no-
So that you can't say it to their face
When the time comes.
They've been raising me like a pig for slaughter.
I guess I should've known better.
Should've spoken up.
Should've acted out.
Should've stomped my feet and yelled "NO!"
Gotten a tattoo, smoked some ****
Said I'll do whatever the **** I need.

But no one ever told me
Being a good girl never does any good.
You just miss out on what the world has to offer
End up putting a stopper on your anger
Like trapping a genie in a bottle.
And guess what?
The genie ends up
Developing its own Stockholm Syndrome.  

You get trained with treats like a dog
Sit, stay, fetch!
All the while putting a leash on your collar
When you're not looking.

It's a bit of a stretch, you say?

You're right.
Having a teen rebel phase in your twenties is not cool.
What can I say?
I've always been a little slow.

But now it feels like life is on hold forever.
I've handed the keys over
And locked myself in.

Within my head is no longer
A good place to escape to.
Written by
     Fawn and BR Dragos
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