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ranveer joshua Oct 2019
my dreams and aspirations
cannot be confined to this textbook
for it can’t teach me how to
walk the cobblestoned streets of stockholm,
surf the waters of bondi beach,
ride the canals of amsterdam,
nor hike the city of cinque terre.

but here i am, not knowing what the future holds in store for me,
just waiting for the time to come
of which i can experience
the joy that is to travel.
Terry Collett Jun 2019
We were in a bar
in Amsterdam;
it was noisy
with punters.

She sat on a bar stool
next to me.

What did you think
of Anne Frank's house?

Seemed ghostly,
I said,
as if all that tension
and anxiety had been
soaked into the walls.

She lit a cigarette
and inhaled.
I did likewise.

Someone must
have split on them.

Guess so,
I said.

Some one laughed loudly;
another spoke in Dutch.

Did you hear
what that ***** said
on the minibus?

What about?
I asked.

How she'd had this guy
in the back of a lorry
and he'd left the brakes off
and the lorry moved
along the side street
and hit a wall,
and they
were thrown apart?

No, never heard her;
I tend to ignore her
when she talks,
I said.

She's a ****,
but I still have to
listen to her.

We sipped our beers
and smoked
our cigarettes.

You want to come
to my tent tonight
and such?

I said,
I Suppose May 2019
As i walk through the streets
I see a plethora
Of unsavory women
Savoring the stares of
Serpent like savages in their
Silk ties and suede shoes.
As i stare in silence
I sit in solitude
And slowly think
On why these sultry seducers
Sully their bodies to satisfy the snakes.

I walk through the city
Alone, free.
In a bigger cage
Than i once thought.
The women have their eyes on me
I feel them, and they feel me
But what they feel is not love
Or care
Or passion
Its meekness
I am not a man to them
Just a mere morsel
A wealthy fruit for the picking.

The women do not interest me
Nor do i despise them.
But the thick fog
Of cigatette smoke
Painting the air
With silhouettes
Of the courtesans of a bigone era
And the ghosts of those who
By choice
Consorted with them
Instead of their loved ones
Haunt over me
Like a puppeteer
Trying desperately to regain control
Over Pinocchio.

I do not despise this place
I just wish i could convince Roxanne
To turn off that red light.
My trip here has been wild
Zywa Mar 2019
Dark clouds in the sunset glow
there's an invisible death below

Amidst apartment blocks, I stroll
around and around a new black hole
of concentrated matter

A broken-winged cargo plane smashed
friends of friends of friends of mine

It is quiet after the blow
I want to hear what I don't want to know
and then kiss away the danger
be it with a stranger

Caress me, caress me, make me glory
for a night, let me forget this story
“Bijlmer disaster”, a Boeing 747-258F/SCD cargo aircraft of El Al, flight 1862, crashes in Amsterdam on October 4th, 1992

Collection "Moons"
Jay Feb 2019
clothes hugged tight to her skin,
heels as high as a feet,
she walked down the street as stars glew red,  
like the town was her ramp
and the world awaited her.

she must be the daughter of sun.
how else could she burn herself,
to leave me with such a fierce warmth
and a woken monster inside,
succumbing to wallow in her flames forever.
Zywa Jan 2019
The grass is still wet
early in the morning
around my mat
in the Vondelpark

under the high dome
of vapour trails through
the blue sky above the city –
the space of my mind

My sense of reality crackles
fiercely in it, igniting
fuses in my head and
my feeling to be me

splinters for some time –
the remaining time
of --unknown--
is unknown
For Lisa Wynn (“Asteria—Goddess”), after reading her poem "Time unknown" (December 30th, 2018) on

Collection “The drama”
Nikki Jayne Nov 2018
With you in my life I feel I am within the confines of a yurt made of love
The storm of life may surround
The Trees outside may tremble
The earth under our feet may shake
And the sky may darken with dread
I know I am safe
Together all is abated
For you are my bringer of gentler tides
My golden ray of sunshine as nights grow long and days darken
We dance in shallow water where dolphins sing tunes of eternal music
Where melodies are made of synchronicities
Time and space hold no meaning as
intertwining double helix’s attached in the center of discovery
we wander in the moonlight
breathing presence into each and every moment
Your confidence the key to unlocking the chamber in which my doubts are held
For how can something so amazing happen so quickly?
Future planning creating damaging projections
Taking us away from the bliss that is
earth dragon meets golden horse
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