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Zywa 7d
Dark clouds in the sunset glow
there's an invisible death below

Amidst apartment blocks, I stroll
around and around a new black hole
of concentrated matter

A broken-winged cargo plane smashed
friends of friends of friends of mine

It is quiet after the blow
I want to hear what I don't want to know
and then kiss away the danger
be it with a stranger

Caress me, caress me, make me glory
for a night, let me forget this story
“Bijlmer disaster”, a Boeing 747-258F/SCD cargo aircraft of El Al, flight 1862, crashes in Amsterdam on October 4th, 1992

Collection "Moons"
Jay Feb 17
clothes hugged tight to her skin,
heels as high as a feet,
she walked down the street as stars glew red,  
like the town was her ramp
and the world awaited her.

she must be the daughter of sun.
how else could she burn herself,
to leave me with such a fierce warmth
and a woken monster inside,
succumbing to wallow in her flames forever.
Johnny walker Dec 2018
Red lights of Amsterdam to there I did go as a young man hoping to prove myself suffering child abuse had given me no confidence In relationships
thought this to be the answer
Packed my rucksack and of I did go nowhere to stay but a sleeping bag when arriving straight to the red light district I did go where I stood on one of those quaint bridges over the canal
Always wanted an oriental girl there she I walked over trying to look cool casual were In truth I was terrified she gives a rundown on prices
I only had enough for the basics she Invited me In told to undress and lay on the bed strange feeling because It was all open to passers-by mirrors on the ceiling
She came to me ***** stunning she was she sat astride me beautiful long black hair brushing my chest I felt her firm young ******* her ******* stiffening
I was so shy I couldn't get a reaction below, there I was with the opportunity of a lifetime I couldn't do a thing
She said relax that didn't work told me to go away rest and come back later but I just wanted to get away to save any more embarrassing
But while getting dressed she said she liked my tee shirt black with green crocodile printed on the front
To speed my exit I gave It to her she was happy enough not only had she made a bit of money but got a tee shirt too, I felt such a fool never went
Lessons learned when young
A trip to Amsterdam Red Lights was not for me
Zywa Jan 5
The grass is still wet
early in the morning
around my mat
in the Vondelpark

under the high dome
of vapour trails through
the blue sky above the city –
the space of my mind

My sense of reality crackles
fiercely in it, igniting
fuses in my head and
my feeling to be me

splinters for some time –
the remaining time
of --unknown--
is unknown
For Lisa Wynn (“Asteria—Goddess”), after reading her poem "Time unknown" (December 30th, 2018) on

Collection “The drama”
Nikki Jayne Nov 2018
With you in my life I feel I am within the confines of a yurt made of love
The storm of life may surround
The Trees outside may tremble
The earth under our feet may shake
And the sky may darken with dread
I know I am safe
Together all is abated
For you are my bringer of gentler tides
My golden ray of sunshine as nights grow long and days darken
We dance in shallow water where dolphins sing tunes of eternal music
Where melodies are made of synchronicities
Time and space hold no meaning as
intertwining double helix’s attached in the center of discovery
we wander in the moonlight
breathing presence into each and every moment
Your confidence the key to unlocking the chamber in which my doubts are held
For how can something so amazing happen so quickly?
Future planning creating damaging projections
Taking us away from the bliss that is
earth dragon meets golden horse
Jo Barber May 2018
Her thoughts,
they grow like weeds
through swaying reeds.

In her head
exists a garden
as bright and as varied
as the tulips of Amsterdam.
Each canal lined with bikes,
the water flowing from one to the next.

If not careful, though,
that mind will overflow,
overgrow with the seeds
of past ill deeds.

She sits still now,
thumbing through her prayer beads,
pleading for the protection
of some modern-day Diomedes.
Thoughts? It's still a work in process.
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