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STLR Nov 2016
Inspired by my friend's assortment of shapes and colors

Original style & traditional technique  

Creates art like nonother

My art brother, taking the colors and shredding the canvas

distorted faces from other planets

From traditional to digital

Those techniques are critical

Sketching, drawing on paper

Emotions turned physical

Contrast with contours of color that’s Subliminal

I can take a brush and ****** a million strokes

only to a evoke that life is a chameleon coat

Plenty colors mix with a heavy dose and an antidote

Spectrums tell the story of pallets scattered across the globe

Intersections of civilian lives create a chain effect like some dominos

Retrospective minds seek ideas that are divine yet quite bountiful

A beast confined in walls is but a human animal

unleash and you will find that everything is tangible

Instinctual being, seeing is the true believing

literal beams shine, to find a truer meaning  

unpredictability, dictates our true abilities  

I am but an entity

who seeks to be a piece of energy

not blinded by identity

I forge these recipes, so all your eyes can eat

for these words are too delicious

so don't hit backspace our alt delete
STLR Nov 2016
How many ladders does it take to get to the top of the atmosphere
Where ******* doesn’t matter, and matter doesn’t appear

I broke the physics 
my mental is often there
some say I’m too high

But heights are nothing fear

I’ve found a way to escape my current reality  

a path that’s unknown and doesn’t reflect my salary, place nor origin my story is far from vanity

To live a life of “routine” is a life full of tragedy, depression, and disparity

Especially if your dream was driven 
I’ve excelled in this keen vision 
Avoiding obstacles isn’t impossible 
If you keep rhyme

No retronym needed 
I slide on and off beat

This….next line is an e x a m p l e

My mind is often offset like a distorted sample

Your half way there take a tug of this **** rope, I attract flickers of light equal to that of a candle

A venomous vandal, soon to verbally attack and dismantle

Clear words, let’s separate the pure from the ramble

I am like Rambo with a headband that’s inverted in hue

Since I am blue I will never be evergreen, but that doesn’t mean that I’m not attracted to the words of that being

I'm more than fascinated, I’m reaching heights only illustrated in my imaginations

I'm seeking collaborations, creators of a different mind to calibrate with
No calculations could change my current status

No aggravation could shake
Inner patience

Blasting straight from the basement
Scaling to higher places
Ladders on top of ladders

How many ladders will it take to make it?
STLR Nov 2016
I'm a linear surface with no reflection

The bumps on my face are of paint splatters in sections

You can look at me

you can scream at me

You can punch me

You think I don't have feelings?
You think I don't care?

You think you're better than me because I can't move

but I can stare

my friends and I stick together

we're always here

we're  always waiting for you to run
through that door

I watch you throw your shoes at my cousin, the floor

And if you hit one of my friends again I will protect you no more.

But no worries because one day I will crumble, I won't be here anymore

I'll take all of us with me!
my friends, my father, my mother, my cousins even my uncle.

You'll be stuck with the family outcast
His name is Rubble.

He doesn't play nice,
like bed in the late night

No shade no shield
No ceiling no lamp light
No wood no steel

Only feelings of cold nights
STLR Nov 2016
Fight and struggle, thoughts of milling.
What kind of points will you be killing?

The points that are the sharpest
I will not let you transform this mind into something that is softer!
There's no end game, you lack in confidence, just make another offer

Offers, games, how plastic and lavish?
Your thoughts are simple, hopeful, and savage.

Leave me with my madness
I rather be this, instead of average
Your just mad because I'm a maverick
A stand alone rock
Your side of the brain will never handle my thoughts

Ok Garfunkel, you island
How brave a stone is on your beach,
but my words don't need to be a preach I strangle your mind with time, sand An hourglass will show your faults

Think about what you say before you begin to talk
Strangling me will only put this place at a halt!
You and I coexist, let's unify in this struggle
We can continue fighting, but it will all end in rubble,destruction & burning debris
Can we agree to disagree in these words that we speak
Can we foresee a brighter future
That is within reach
If not our habitat will forever be meek
Silence in violence, a place where two have suffered defeat

Two have defeat?
Can't you see, you are the one to change
Long term thought, intelligent meet
Can't you see, you have become strange
It is proof that I am victorious, your ignorance
It's crazy how you have shown my brilliance
Internal struggle (part 2) - A collaborative poem with anonymous anonymous
STLR Oct 2016
I've been coming home,
feeling kinda lazy

Just art, just music
nothing really amazing

What I think is average
others think is blazing

I don't want to be stuck
in a fuse about what was written

I don't want to be stuck
making ******* discussion

I don't want to be the one to judge what is or what isn't

Stuck in this fiction
of making a living

Ethan hunt on the hunt
This passion is my mission

I'm so passive aggressive
I say **** my contestants
All the hate, I digest it
Check my inner intestines
They are coated with steel

What is the pursuit of happiness?
Is happiness even real?

False media & markets
items bought for apartments
***** clothes on my carpet
feeling down an exhausted
Emotions are quite toxic
All is a thought process

Rolling over in bed
I feel the dark on my eyes
Then feel the light on my head
Get up and do it again
This cycle just never ends

Penny pinching, and quarter quivering, dollar dribbling....
this Average life is for a simpleton
STLR Oct 2016
Mr. Media what do you see in use?
Stupidity in a chair, idiocracy in the air

Education is just a blur, a vision that has been lost

Crippled by news crews that cast platooned views then show you what's not true.

Picture your life in a frame of comparison then digest their daily distorted narratives.

That's a daily dose for the average men. Lies captured in vivid images, Titles Capitalized, idols dress in disguise

take out your knife and cut the veil from your eyes for their message is too addictive, don't let repetition A rise.

Depressions a state of mind, medication is what follows, but what would happen to the industry's if their pills were never swallowed.

a family's all you need to fill the gaps & the hollows, don't choose your friends for today instead keep them close for tomorrow.

You'll never know what could happen, you'll always fear in the night...tragedy and calamity always just sound alike.

But if you take a moment to breathe you'll realize that you will be all right, medias all with faulty fears of fiction and pure threat...depictions of falseness, fueling the mindless, yes those who don't feel, will soon witness a riot, a riot of self-destruction

Everyone has a function, soon you will find yours, with this property comes decisions, decisions at all doors
STLR Oct 2016
Check it!

Mind State Subliminal's

Never Ridicule the Individual

there Journey is of a different school

I find myself at the pinnacle
the point of which is so critical

It's a mind state That isn't physical

mental obstacles I often leap.

then find myself tied to Marry Poppins feet

I see the world and its obscurities are out of reach

I hide in pits of insecurities I guess I'm obsolete

Will I forever have cold feet? or will my motions cause friction, the conception of heat

My perception is keep, moving and keep trying, trying is just dying

an act of the weak.

Let's smash all beliefs and DO! then keep applying pressure to these modern hands

For my body is made of fuel and metallic cans.

How often does passion stand if where it lands is on a slant?

It doesn't, it slips and slides then collides with motions that stride

is this what keeps us alive? the ambulation of vibes, the infatuation to strive, dive and keep swimming

I'm satisfied by this life I keep living

My perception is interception I catch it all than digest it.

I consume all even though it may be septic

let theses words I eat pierce my inner intestines.

I left leftovers for my contestants,

I'm lethal like needles to a vain,

this game will leave you breathless.

I'll never do it for the fame or chains or a fancy neckless

Flow is too raw. cause havoc I'm too reckless.

You can catch me at the bottom pit, be spitting the hottest ****

I'm that hip hop-otimuous

That's no name anonymous.

Your frame is just picture-less

I hope you can picture this
STLR Oct 2016
My words do splits, therefore they do gymnastic flips

this acid pit drips sick masses of glass and ink

Brain ****, call it massive **** pinpointed so accurate

I'm going to a place with no conciseness

I write with my arms Then drop legs and abstract kicks

My abstractions are the thrills of a ride or several attractions

My mental is monumental to some by a fraction

I'm an empty thought that lies in a Casket

Surprise with my habits That's applied to the madness is tragic...

Slithering satisfaction supported strongly surpasses idiots by the masses.

Monumental mysteries mesmerizes men in misery...

I live life to amaze while in a maze of symmetry

I hope what I say Is riveting, Imagery will then cascade into a blaze of remedies

instantly sparking a chain reaction of positive energy...

The negative turns away...along with its enemies...

Ears evolve into eyes then spot their demise

I hope I never get lost in these times.
STLR Oct 2016
This aggravation to make it is shattering all my truth

For my pinnacle of patience is
bubbling in a soup

Young and geared in a suit, no tie needed

Because every step that I take will be one that is bound strategic

Cousin, sister and sister moving forward I see it

Stuck in my own beliefs, but will I ever believe it?

I feel like my goals are old, but how do I know if I don't proceed with
Simply starting to seed it

dreams buried beneath the ground, waiting for the rain to seep in

Guess I'm too busying sleeping,

wondering, daydreaming

When will this fiction end?

When I will I then Begin?
Let this crucifixion begin

for my future is in a needle
And that needle is holding threads, of my imaginary friends

Let this phase be a state of promise and not a revolving trend

I think it takes time for a person to commence to greatness

Because what I feel inside has traveled from a basement
To a place with, patience,

prominence and perseverance
My mental radio sounds clear, no fuzz or interference.

I'm glad my soul can hear this.
STLR Oct 2016
Dreams as vivid as reality, my bodies lying on the bed as my mind soars causally.

In a wooden house with strangers equivalent to Dorothy's

I look outside the window I see waves of the open seas.

But were not in the ocean see, because pirates are never seen. I swear this is a different scene. If you could see it, you would believe.

But I'm not here to prove that it's nonfiction, let these words be a depiction of dreams that have been driven.

By Purposes filled in vials then consumed by minds made by miles, roads, and directions styled

in shuttering accents, enough of this madness lets jump into passions.

Engraved in my soul is the past-tense...if nothing's new under the sun,
then let my shade be a labyrinth
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