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Ursula Wolf Jun 30
Everything falls out of place
Out of these words
Out of the paper
Under the curtain
Through the windows.

Going to the streets,
Out of these buildings
Out of the city
Under the bridge
Through the fields.

Flys back to me
This happiness,
When you saw
The misery in Me
The holy in You
The good in Me
The devil in You.

Come closer,
Fall into Me.
Ursula Wolf May 2
The rain washed away
Your soft words;
Into my quiet step
You came by,
Didn't stand away;
You just stared
In the crowd's noise,
But didn't see,
Didn't hear me.
Maybe that's why
You have never loved
Ursula Wolf May 2
In hollowing darkness
She opened my eyes,
Reached for me
In her cherry blossom;
She warmed me
With her bright rays;
In one kiss
Was washed by the rain.
Ursula Wolf Apr 19
Shimmering pain at the coldness of birth,
What's your purpose?

First moment of unfair life,
Why did you bring me here?

Hollowing crawls from my first step,
What's your way?

Enjoyements and sins, that took me away,
What's this all sh*t?

Cold breeze on my eyeball,
While putting the shoes on my hands.

I look into the nearness with my lips
And try to reach the core of the Earth.

I hit the space, because I want to talk to the wall,
and try to catch them all.

You mean what?
Wonders of self-lovingness,

Towards You, Me, Them, Those...

The gate that is close to open through the wall,
Let me in and find me lost.

Keep your hands to yourself and reach me,

Then kiss me while you are pushing


Love, that is screaming backwards,
Hold my brain with your crying heart.

Born me back to hauling death,
Let my eyes talk to your head,

Then take me and bring me back
On the thin line of curse of life.
Ursula Wolf Apr 19
I could hear as the rigid solitude knocked on my window,
I stand up with my trembling legs and look out through the glazier blot.

Dark towers of the night looming, mantle the Moon's light
Of which fairies were buried by fiend  of the shadow.

The beast huddled,
And with that, solitude also forsakaned me.

Emptiness, that I became,
Like a void spirit,
Who is silently striked by the devistating fist of scarcity.

Since the Moon was locked up in a faraway cage...
Shoreless the dark night, which burns between us,
And racking me for an endless time.

I am a bird, which pursuing its warmth,
And flying trough the stiffed mainlands.

I am a sunflower, which lives for the Sun
And nervously golden colour of it
feared from others.

I am an asterisk, which devouted to the Moon
And relishing its dim beams.

But I would rather be a shooting star once,
Than a callow craven.

I would rather wait among Time's grains of sand that snaring backwards,
Than becoming a desolate corner of life.

I wish the solid smoke of darkness would just fade away,
So my blinking eyes would know where to reach for you.

Frigid the scrapering, destitute nothingness.

Only you could smelt me, like the sunny sky a bird.

Deprivation of yours is devouring me,
Like affection my sanity.

Please bring back the Moon,
Because the night is perishing my Sun.
Ursula Wolf Apr 18
Humid breeze fell
Hard upon

From there I heard
How descended

Sonorous footprints
rushing towards

From there I knew,
That for her came

Mass-hurtled inquirers.
Before long said

'Cannot be taken

Over crown-blasted blaze

To the moist

The eyes of

The world against

Reached they for
In my arms laying

Thereupon I felt,
the groundbreaking

From envying

Hurled out
Itself in

From there I knew
That hasten must

Behind circumference,
Under immensity,
Before evocation.

And then revealed

The wings for the

Flashing eyes reborned
Plumes hurtled the
Skin-flares illumed the
Goldening-hair had

And then ran
Just against

— The End —