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Ursula Wolf May 10
I ran to the ocean with my naked skin
And its waves took me to the stars,
Where I met the moon.
It shone through my organs,
Then the water threw me into the sand,
And my body took the form of a rock.
My soul flew into the forest,
A deer came, took a scent; and
It took my spirit to Mother Nature.
Ursula Wolf May 3
Your body is different,
The way you talk is different,
Your opinions are different,
But your soul is the same.
Ours met before
Without our knowledge.
It was our “first time” again!
We exist for each other,
While abandoning our bodies.
There’s the inevitable connection
Between our souls...
Ursula Wolf Apr 20
My soul blossomed in your affectionate eyes,
And those spring lips wintered my mind.
We flew as glittering birds around the sun at night,
Then it was full moon, the wolf came,
And ripped out my heart.
Ursula Wolf Apr 9
I see you in my dreams.
Not the same pictures,
You are different.
Like an angel,
You sent one.
I hear the truths,
You are talking to me.
I know you care,
You are not sure how.
I wake up,
We are the mystical connection.
Ursula Wolf Feb 25
Splitting singleness is my duality
There is no One
I am already Two at the core of me
My heart is stone and a tamed sea
I am the waves which is sweet and salty
My eyes are emerald and screaming gold
I am the soil which is solid and muddy
My body is descended heaven and the breath of God
I am the feeling which is deceiving and faithful
My hands are poisonous crawls and shivers
I am the now and the will be
My past is chasing and forgetting
I am no-one and everybody
My existence is here and lost
I am Two of me
‘My’ is are and were.
Ursula Wolf Feb 8
Have you really touched me
With the shores of your ocean heart?
Was it real when my murdered love
Rose again in your intoxicated arms?
Your answer still haunts me
When you said,
you just want to be free.
Ursula Wolf Jan 21
And you just look through me
Like our love has never met,
And you never held my laugh
In a blink of your eyes.
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