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  Apr 2020 Andrea Armstrong
My silent screams go unnoticed
My darkend days unchecked
I wish they believed me when i said it did happen
The emptiness is all consuming
It stole away my breathe
Self harm is always an option
Sucide is wish
That wouldn't happen to me
Because even death has rejected me
The memories of being suffocated by the man you called dad totures my head every minute
But now....
I got nothin to say
My words ran away with my happiness
Dear life
Let me go
Andrea Armstrong Sep 2019
The feeling of loneliness is slowly crawling back up my spine,
to my brain, down to my heart,
about my legs, on down to my toes and
back around again. A viscous cycle.
I think not!
Over, never.
Round & round I go, till it gets tired.

Or I eventually go numb.
Gone for to long, away to far. Oh, how I missed you.
Andrea Armstrong Dec 2018
" Sometimes you have to burn it all, Break the foundation and start brand new. To get where you are going is never an
easy task. The only part that will hurt you is
keeping what you can't Salvage. "
Many are scared to start fresh, but most of the time, it's needed.
Andrea Armstrong Jul 2017
It's true, not many knew her.
Why she acted the way she did.
Not even her own parents could figure her out.
But, she always said that meant she was doing a great job at being different, something the world forbids.
She was always misunderstood, but she never had a care to give.


For The That Never Really Cared.
Andrea Armstrong Oct 2015
Different diaries, same sad stories
Hear them calling, late in the night

Devils haunt me, they all want
All I can do is let them inside
Right from the flame, into the fire

Have a cigarette, black my coffee
Say a prayer for you, just to **** time
No, I won't lose, I'm not confused
I'm so consumed, I'm raging and violent
Everything Burns By: The Righteous Young
Andrea Armstrong Sep 2015
I would rather be dying on a forest floor,

Then to be behind bars that hold me captive.
Andrea Armstrong Sep 2015
You inspire me to keep writing.
You inspire me to continue fighting for what "I" belive in.
You make me want to prove you wrong.
To show you I'm so much more than a torn page in a book.
To show you everything I do doesn't come from a dark place.
What I listen to, what I write & what I say. You belive it comes from an evil place.


Song: James Arthur X
By: Long Live The King
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