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Tadios Yeab Jun 2019
She knew to wear seclusion for insignia;
In the battle to rescue part of herself,
But, What if was what had preyed on her,
Sought to make her dwell on anomie,
That alone, did nothing at all for her,
Yet that alone, did everything to her,
Tadios Yeab Feb 2019
Playing hide and seek, you and I,
Searching, where you won't find me,
Hiding, where you're sure I'd find you,

We kept on singing our hearts in solo,
As time kept doing what it knows best;
Leaving marks behind as it passes by,

Our hearts still alive slowly dying,
Patiently waiting to start dueting,
Hoping it'd wash all the pain away,
Leaving the past as it was engraved,
Tadios Yeab Jan 2019
A world in an another dimension,
Where nobody imitates perfection,
Where truth is never underrated,
And a lie is completely desolated,
Tadios Yeab Jan 2019
Oh dear,
For how long shall you play hide & seek,
For how long shall you swim in fear,
For how long shall your face soaked in tear,
Oh dear,
How long will it take for the heartache to heal,
How long will it take till the mist clears,
How long will you play dead lying there,
Oh dear,
Come out, out from your sea of fear,
Let's get lost in each other out here,
Tadios Yeab Jan 2019
I met you so many times in different colors, one after the other,
All those times, I hoped not to meet you ever again,
And this my friend, is not the last time to hope that in vain,
I know you'll find your way back to me and I to you,
But the first time to embrace you,
You remind me that I'm imperfect,
And make me see the righteous,

P.S; I still hope not to meet you ever again.
The point is not, not to make a mistake, for we are human & it'd be foolish to imitate perfection, but to EMBRACE it, LEARN from it and MOVE FORWARD.
Tadios Yeab Jan 2019
Remember that time I bet on you and you left me hanging,
By then I've learned to think before I do the things I do,
Instead of counting on you,
Yet again, I went right back on counting on you,
Still, you were not there to back me up,
Took me a while to figure out where I went wrong,
But now I know...
It's when I took you for the second time,
After all you're just a "chance",
Today I met someone,
With first name New and last name Beginning,
Tadios Yeab Jan 2019
In his head, "I see you see me see you,"
said the wolf fixating at his prey,
"Even I know you have the will and
the zeal to crush me if you pray,"
Even our greatest challenge is just a bump on the road, but only if we pray and have faith.
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