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Hey there old friend
let's startover again
Things have been said
Things have been read
I know I've said I hate you
That was a bad thing to do
And I know you don't care
so like...
Whatever right

We both believed the others lies
Neither one was originally untrue
I don't know cause I'm not you
But... did your heart break too

Ohh-oh-ohh I don't know
I don't care
I just don't know what to do
I really want to forgive you
But I don't want to leave the past behind
What the hell, what the hell
is wrong with me
Cause I know you see it
Or maybe you don't
I don't know
But I really hope you won't
Find out why
I can't seem to make up my mind

Can't help but tell the truth
I can't decide how to feel about you
Just like an angel I've fallen from grace
but the lies that we told are just all over the place
What the hell, yeah what the hell
Why did you follow me when I fell
Now what the hell is wrong with me
I still don't know so just let me be alone
But I still want you here
So just go away
I can't make up my mind
Please I want you to stay

I want to forget what you look like
Let me take your picture so I'll never forget your face
I can't stand your voice now
Can you record a song for me
I'll never know where we went wrong
But the memory of it is still fresh in my brain
I hate that you lied
But I love how you told the truth
You messed with me and can't forgive that
But I can forgive you
Except I don't
and yet I really do
I can't tell you how much I hate you
but maybe that's because I don't
So please get out of my life
And promise to talk to me everyday
Don't I know
how do I feel
feel how I do
Unless I...
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Please tell me you can make sense of the ending.
T James A  Feb 2010
Pay Attention
T James A Feb 2010
So tired.
Waiting for the end.
Few signs. Fewer stops.
Watch for the bend.

This way, there is LIGHT!
There is more, yet not much more.

Ahead, there is rest.
So follow, if you will
(the end will be justified)
and tire no more....

This is the end.What's the sign say?
You missed the bend.

My first attempt at free verse...
TheWitheredSoul Nov 2018
things might have changed
people who promised to stay forever might have been the first ones to
everything you cherished might start to feel poisoned
everything you thought of settling for has now become irrelevant
everything you love becomes so distant
you feel as if the person you are is not the person who you were
ha.... here you are my friend getting yourself ready to startover
but not as like last time with nothing left
but with everything that could drive you
farther higher and longer than last time..

— The End —