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Teresa garza Feb 2016
I miss you like crazy
you were my everything
though I won't admit that
because you don't miss me...
Your mad at me
Yes I get that..
I'm sorry for what Iv done
and for being a *****
and ill swallow my pride
and I'll finally admit that
I miss you like crazy
you were my best friend
no we won't be the same
but can we forget that
I was a *****
and ****** up bad
and that we said some nasty things
let's start over
hi I'm Teresa
and I would like to be your friend..
Starting over
Antonio Dec 2015
I think it's time I up and leave. Packed my bags, collected pay. Time to push to a new day. A brand new place is all I seek. A different view is what I need. Find my self and start a new.

I'll sure miss you.
My last resort, I'll wait a month.
Supriya Hegde Dec 2015
Is it too late now,
To say I loved myself?
Is it too late now,
To embrace life?

Is it too late now,
To say I wanted to be saved?
Is it too late now,
To stop being dead?

Scars don't define you,
You can refresh life;
It is never too late,
To start over again;

But honey, listen -
You can't undo death.
I'm ready to go home..
I open a bottle of wine,
That I've been saving for a special occasion.
I bought a package of smokes,
I turn my favorite tunes

I think I'm ready to start..
Opening boxes,
Folding clothes.
Sipping, smoking and singing
Closing boxes.

I'm almost ready to go outside..
Is dark and cold,
The last one
Sipping, smoking and singing
Closing doors.

I'm ready,
**I'm ready to go.
The face you see standing in front of your door
Doesn't want you anymore

You steal her weekend nights
You rewind the thoughts of her mind

The face you see standing in front of your door
Is not into it anymore

It was question of time
For her to realize
That you where never down for her
When the sun is about to rise
Neither when the moon says goodbye

The face you see standing infront of your door
Is not waiting anymore
rey Jul 2015
standing in a city that's constantly trying to abort its breath, we're looking at the sky

we might be defined to repeat fist-pumping anthems and tragic falls. all of them, no returns.

and you ask me, "don't you want to start over and look anywhere but at me?" that question again, and my answer is always no.

oh, baby boy, lift your headache head...

remnants of our past? oh they burn all right, fire roaring, smoke choking. they're just waiting for the next rain to put them to sleep

then they sleep, and it's morning. time to start again.

you'll be a stranger again and even though i'm choking on their ashes, i will not recognize you.

pump your fists. we'll fall again without a clue.
Amber K Jul 2015
I don't know where I went wrong,
or why I couldn't help you.
You let the guilt eat you alive,
so you filled the space with,
and anything that would **** my heart.
All you had to do was stop.
You could've opened up to me,
and told me what you did.
The guilt would've went away
and you could've ended the hurt.
But now we are left with more pain than needed.
We will be okay though.
Things are finally in the open.
No more secrets and lies.
We are coming clean.
Vicson Speirs Dec 2014
Everything I see is negativity
Is this how we control democracy?
We're free to choose, it is owned liberty
Isn't our ought to have their loyaty?

I am tired of your complacency
We don't want to settle in mediocrity
Our nation is filled with wasted time
Oh, our nation don't waste mine

Don't burn our bridges
Cause we'll be here for ages
Let us go and walk in our sunshine
Start over and be our hearts

July 21, 2014
3:26 pm
chainedwhore Dec 2014
The time has come I can no longer try
As much as I don't want to I have to tell you goodbye

I've tried to get you to at least be my friend
I've also told you thst the way we left each other last we 'll be able to mend!!

I need to work on myself before I can love another
I need to quit my dependencies or I will never achieve the other!!

I have an idea on how to do it and just need to figure when I can and where I'll stay,.....
All I know is I hate this and can no longer  continue to live this way !!!
Just sick of all the bs that goes along with this and I need to be happy and only I can make that happen
cait-cait Nov 2014
i wish i could go back
and savor you;
the sunshine on your face,
as if it were pages of a story,
and the feeling of warmth
like the sun on my back
as i read you like
the comic book you were,
i wish i could start over
so then i could feel
this all
naruto is ending and im crying
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