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Mark Boschi Apr 2019
my bedroom/airports/empty reception rooms/anywhere at 2 am
vacant parking lots
hospitals at midnight
museum waiting lines in the early morning
schools during break
late night supermarket runs
waiting for the bus at 5 am
walking down the cobblestone streets at 6 am
gas stations at dawn
unfamiliar McDonalds on long road trips

their buzzing electricity is my alternate reality. stretching across my view with reckless abandon.
day 20 - liminal spaces
Eryri Jan 2019
Friends with Star Wars figures
And friends with football stickers.
Friends with bikes,
Friends with footballs;
The road was Wembley,
The neighbours' van our goalpost,
No one seemed to care
That their cars were being trashed
By wayward shots and way-off volleys
Or their lawns were being wrecked
By 10 year olds with football studs
Crossing themselves à la Maradona
Before vital penalties.
Happy days indeed,
Playing Block,
Headers and Volleys,
Sixty Seconds,
Laughing, smiling, laughing.
But that same estate,
Thirty years hence,
Is clogged with cars,
No room for makeshift crossbars
To help nurture future soccer stars!
Lawns are tarmacked drives.
Children forced into sedentary lives
Not by social media or XBox Live
But by lack of playing spaces.
So, no more cycle races,
Or street-football with undone laces,
Just kids with nowhere to play
And no power with which to sway
Those ignorant adults who simply say
"Kids today, eh? Too lazy to play".
Don't tell me I belong in your heart.

                                                   You know I don't like crowded spaces.
Alex Sep 2018
I'm not gonna fall for you,
I'm not even gonna convince myself,
That I'm into you, That everything was so subtle,
Makes me do the same mistakes I should've not done,

I'm not letting you to invade my spaces,
I'm trying not to fool around,
Just be out of your desire, Just to let my satisfaction dies,
You're everyone's warning, I broke my rules,

I'm not letting myself for the upcoming danger,
I'm just here avoiding your way,
No, don't ever think to come, No, I won't let myself,
I wont let myself gonna fall for you,

I'm not gonna fall for you,
I'm not even gonna convince myself,
You're my weakness, You're the nightmare,
So I won't let myself to fall for you
Umang Aug 2018
Sunrise with your thoughts
Sound of nestling open my eyes

But i want to live that dream
Again for one last time

In which we're holding hands
Digging our legs in beach dirt
Wind trying to blow wisp of your hair
Me looking at you
While you seek the shells
And this feeling i get
It is irreplaceable
It is irresistible
And i find pearls
By having you
Right next to me

In sleep if i m having these dream please dont wake me up

Every time you are on my mind
It seem like a movie running in the daylight
I see you with my open eyes
Sharing tea and cherishing your smiles
The traffic chase we had
In the rain
And cold drop running all over the face
Your hands protecting my head
The hot filled cups
And our wet hands
With all these little things
day passes in the daydreams

At night i get lost
Worrying about the future
Than i get this feeling
Of having you
Distant, but virtually
By my side
Fills up my heart
And pump it hard
All these feels like
I can conquer my quest

My last thought
Dusk with your name
With it i find my peace

Next day the same things happen
Bt the movie changes from one place to another
One meeting to another
From first hiee
To out of sight good bye
Waiting for the next meeting
Untill then reliving the recent ones
Long distance relationship
Memories bridging up the distance
Evangeline Ashe Aug 2018
I've found a space nestled in
this gnarled and craggy tower,
which hums in deep and velvet green,
where atip each weathered, gently-laden bower
hangs a fragile canvas pale beneath.

Here a little haven even opens when,
on dewy mornings and after rain,
you can gaze just for a time
as memories rivel along the veins
in pearl and crystalline.

Whispers and howls from outside to come down
but I think I'd like just to sit,
and ever more reside,
between the fresh and fallen leaves
and write my notes on their underside.
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