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Bre Steele Feb 2013
i was sitting at the edge of the world
pondering the ocean and how i could fall off the end
time passes, and i thought of you

wide open spaces are how i remember you now
even if memories consist of tight spaces lying naked in your basement bedroom

blue eyes come home to mine
i was told i was the runner but i only ran away to you
blue eyes come home to mine
lets spend hours in wide open spaces
you know we could love forever if once again
your blue eyes saw mine

and in these wide open spaces i love you
in these wide open spaces i begin to wonder
what it could of been like if you wouldve stayed
i can see you and me in theses wide open spaces

and of i go to college when the leaves turn shades of brown
i wonder where you are in these big wide open spaces of mine
and sometimes i think id like to be in these big wide open spaces with you

blue eyes come home to mine
i was told i was the runner but i only ran away to you
blue eyes come home to mine
lets spend hours in wide open spaces
you know we could love forever if once again your blue eyes saw mine
i just want your blue eyes home with mine
blue eyes come home to mine

newfoundland, summer 2010
Ava Ayo  Mar 2015
The Spaces
Ava Ayo Mar 2015
I like looking at the narrow spaces
Between houses as the train passes by.

I like looking at the narrow spaces
Because they remind me of my childhood.
The empty narrow inches of space
Between two enormous brick houses
I'd obliviously pass by while playing tag,
Smiling from ear to ear,
Leaving only a narrow space for my teeth.
Running from dusk until dawn,
Leaving only a narrow space for bruised knees and tears.

And now the narrow spaces I pass every day
Between worn out houses in the city
Remind me of my heart.
So big, yet so full of others' pain
That all I have is narrow spaces
Reserved for my own joy.
And now the narrow spaces I pass every day
Between graffitied houses in the city
Remind me of my brain.
So tagged with useless information,
Yet so little space to paint true knowledge on.

And so I stare at the narrow spaces
Between houses as the train passes by
While I'm on my way
To waste the tiny chunks of time I have left
Hoping to widen the narrow spaces
Of my soul.
In these quiet spaces,
I become temporarily deaf
to the meaningless noises
that seek to define me.

In these quiet spaces,
my soul is nourished;
surrounded by silence,
my spirit soars upward.

In these quiet spaces,
my focus turns inward,
knowing that His Presence
is co-mingled with mine.

In these quiet spaces,
the renewing of my mind
occurs as my life, is…
humbled before Him.

In these quiet spaces,
His divine, sacred wind
envelops my frail essence
with indescribable peace.

In these quiet spaces,
consumed by His Presence,
I sense undeniable power
of God’s authentic Love.
Author Notes

Inspired by:
Matt 6:1,6; Rom 12:1-2; Jam 4:8;
Heb 13:15-16; Psa 46:10; Phil 4:7

Learn more about me and my poetry at:
By Joseph J. Breunig 3rd, © 2014, All rights reserved.
Emma Holt  Nov 2015
Empty Spaces
Emma Holt Nov 2015
If there's empty spaces in your heart,
They'll make you think it's wrong,
Like having empty spaces,
Means you never can be strong,
But I've learnt that all these spaces,
Means there's room enough to grow,
And the people that once filled them,
We're always meant to be let go,
And all these empty spaces,
Create a strange sort of pull,
That attract so many people,
You wouldn't meet if they were full,
So if you're made of empty spaces,
Don't ever think it's wrong,
Because maybe they're just empty,
Until the right person comes along.
This is not my original, but I loved it so much that I had to share it. All credits go to Erin Hanson:
Amitav Radiance  Apr 2015
Amitav Radiance Apr 2015
Spaces within a space
Small abodes demarcated
With blank spaces
Unusual emptiness
Desertification of
Fertile spaces
Once vibrant with life
Now abandoned
Strife and turmoil
Creates vacant spaces
Where love should dwell
Mistaken emptiness
Where bonds are strengthened
We widen the gap
Creating new empty spaces
Leaving it open and vulnerable
Luna Fides  May 2016
Luna Fides May 2016
i once read that
there are names for the spaces
in between
body parts,
architectural structures,
musical notes.

names for spaces
as if they are


and not just

buccal vestibule of the maxilla
is a space between the cheek and lateral face

or piscina
is a space in a wall near an altar

F A C E are the spaces
in between
the lines of a staff.

spaces with names
because they are part of something.
even if technically they are
"spaces" and not just


so i think their names suits them well.
because at least you know
what to call them.

but there is also a space
between you and me
it bears no name
and i think

this suits us
just as well.
Khay  Jul 2016
Khay Jul 2016
Im feeling spaces, dense yet empty spaces.
Spaces where you used to sit
Spaces where I used to fit
All i see are computers and tutors,
mark sheets and classlists and more empty spaces
Spaces where you used to sit
Places where i used to fit
Emmy  Nov 2014
4AM spaces
Emmy Nov 2014
I realized today that there are spaces in letters
Spaces in atoms
Spaces between my fingers and my toes
Between the hairs on my head
Spaces in between the floorboards in my room
Wide open space
The kind where you're standing on a mountain
Trying to catch the stolen breath, beauty thieved from your lungs
There is blank space
The spot where you write your name at the top of a paper or the kind where complete bliss wipes the ***** chalkboard of thoughts in your mind
Space where the moon floats
The universe exists
Then there is the aching space between bodies
Clinging so tightly to one another
The kind that two souls eclipse in attempt to defy theoretical physics
I concluded space is an amusing thing
It makes you **** your head
Humans try to fill it up with their bodies, their thoughts, and their emotions
Space is like time
Both are concepts
And I will irrevocably attempt to fill the spaces between my fingers with yours and think about you at 4AM
Nat Lipstadt Feb 2015
Sensual Spaces

the slightly parted lips,
beseech your entrance,
plead for a soft gracing,
a closing grazing,
a memory of
{entice consummate consume},
complete, fulfill,
long remembered far long, far more,
than the interminable sea voyage of the ordinary,
pressing drowning locking,
rinse repeat...

half an inch, less even,
much less,
separates two dancers,
a gulf, so much more arousing than
a can't-breathe grasping embrace,
an exercise to wondering
where the real pleasure kept...

be in no hurry
tarry, slowly,
seek out the
spaces between each finger,
all an invitation, all a question mark,
awaiting filling, answering...

yours in mine, mine in yours,
lock down this connection,
valley spaces tween peaks
needy for
the rain of touch,
the sun-skin heated insertions,
does not the curvatures of her
cry out for
hands and lips attentiveness,
a space continuum

t'is the almost,
the last step,
to the first kiss,
the closing connection,
of that first hand-holding,
crossing over the last span of the bridge,
the lowering of the final descent
to the shock of
first insertion,
the wooing nearness of a n'ere forgot scent,
the last step
to the first step,
that first closure,
that is the
final entrance to
sensual spaces,
hallmark passage
gateway found and instantaneous
that is ever-treasured as that
door just opening
and as fast
love ever after...
veritas  Aug 2018
spaces& lines .
veritas Aug 2018
red stains, fading, cracked, scented

     if i kissed your prints, would they kiss me back?

sighs, thoughts, spaces between prints

     spaces between words, between parted lips and floating thoughts the world! is so crowded with space but yours is the one i want to fill .

     but where are the lines? lines of loss, lines of lawns, lines of ink and rips and more stains and letters, in the hands and on the pavement

where are the lines?

why won't you go there?

why do you hover in these foul, indomitable spaces? why do you seek that which you should not?

     if the shadow of lines slinks in your quiet expression, then why are you still here?

     if the echo of your soft face lingers in my hands, if the whisper of your breath and the heat of your skin still singes my own, then why do you disappear?

lovely wraith, lovely memory of a thing that once was, why do you sit so alone?

because i am coming to your space, and if you can see me, of shadow and fog, then i will meet you there,

     on a line of our own.

>because it's a death premeditated and i can see it unfolding,

     sharp wounding painful

and the discourse in the sky is telling me so, yet why do i keep walking west?
lots of questions (this isn't a poem of answers. don't look for one).
seasonalskins Jun 2014
we often mistake spaces for emptiness
when we are powerless
when we are boundless

we often don't realise
these spaces aren't empty
and we can be anything
we have a finite life
with infinite choices

so that's why these spaces are blank;
the vacancy awaits to be occupied
Amanda  Jan 2018
Empty Spaces
Amanda Jan 2018
I look for you
In my morning
For the smile across a coffee mug
As I sit listening, yawning
To your chatter about the day

Empty spaces
Is all there is to see
A place in the home
Where you used to be

I look for you
At the end of day
For the hug as I cross the door
So tight, it takes my breath away
Welcoming me home

Empty spaces
Is all there is to see
A place in the home
Where you used to be

I look for you
When I‘m feeling down
For the jokes you will tell
To make me laugh, you’re such a clown
You always know the way

Empty Spaces
Is all there is to see
A place in the home
Where you used to be

I look for you
As I do each day
Visiting the grave, is my only release
So I can tell you about my day
My one and only

Empty spaces
Is all there is to see
A place in the home
Where you used to be

— The End —