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i've given you my universe,
the stars that illuminate in darkness,
the planets that fill the emptiness,
the sun that warms your soul,
and the unknown beauty surrounding it,
is not enough to complete your galaxy.
stopdoopy Nov 2018
Feelings overflowing and spilling out of the fountain.

It warms me, to know you care so deeply.

I'm sorry.

My tears may spill like raindrops,

But I will lay down my flesh time and time again,

Until every inch of me is littered with scars;

And I'm sinking beneath the waves of worry, ache, and sadness.

If it means I can one day find someone,

Who feels the same as me,

Then I will die a thousand times.
A response piece to Cait-Cait's "to you, whom i love very much". This was written months ago and all I remember is we had some very open hearted conversations and I love that we can be so honest with each other. I hope you all find a friend like her.
Dharker Jun 2017
My mouth moves in a direction
that I can't control
Twinkle in my soul
Sparks from this long time
never grows old
Although nothing more to what it is
I often have to think
If this smile keeps appearing
My feelings may start to change

— The End —