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Zadkiel Nov 2020
Imagine Dying
Could not be me nevermore
smh no way
mc ish Apr 2019
you are not allowed
to wrangle my heart and call me yours
you are not allowed to catch my attention and walk right past
to flower your existence with the smallest of humanities and call yourself good
you are not allowed to cloak me in apologies draped over my eyes so that i may never see the evil my right hand is making
and you are most definitely
not allowed to occupy this dusty heart
and yet here we are
gabe Feb 2019
Locked in your mind, I'm surprised, and you think that silence is key

You ain't designed to be blind and lost in the night like you be

I know the hurt in your eyes, oh my, you remind me of me

And it's a lot we don't see

Gotta be tough 'cause acting tough all day
Shoulder shrugs then show the world you give no ***** all day

Plus got a story I could never show
 Scared if you open up, ****** just might have leverage on you
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