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Sara L Russell Jan 2016
Sara L Russell, 15th January 2016, 00:04

So yeah this is me and Julie outside H&M;…
trying too hard to look ****?
Desperate tarts more like.
We went to Starbucks after that, then the pub,
and then… the rest of the afternoon's a blur. Haha.


Oh yes and this one's me with Foo Foo,
stupid cat's sitting on top of my presentation.
She can be useless at times but she makes a good hot water bottle
when it's like, really cold? You know? Cats are great for that.
Dead sympathetic too. Good listeners.


Oh now this is a good one. This is me
with that **** actor off I'm a Celebrity.
He was in… actually I can't remember what he was in?
Really like, **** though? Yet I've only seen him on I'm a Celebrity?
Anyway he was cool with stopping for a selfie. God love him.
(Whoever he is).


Ahh… this one is me with Julie again. She's such a ******.
She's got one of those light up Santa hats on. Daft *****.
Never did get one for me. Not that I'd wear one.
I prefer those furry reindeer antlers.
See? There's one of me with antlers on.


Oh here's one of me and Mum.
Yeah very sad I know. She tries so hard to be cool, bless her.
Embarrassing really. I gave her my old phone and
she still hasn't worked out how to use it.
Takes loads of photos of herself though.
So sad.
Ronald Volkman Oct 2015
poking a bubble with the head of a needle without a burst, I drag the sharp end across your skin you said it burns, I was so afraid  of what I might feel if i actually let myself free, if only I wasn't so prideful id still be lovable.
DaSH the Hopeful Oct 2015
Phones* are like *relationships:
*You really love them at first, but soon, they just don't do it for you anymore and you want one with better features
#Bleak #DontGetMeWrong #ILoveMyFiancee #Melz #Goofy #CheckOutHerPoetry #PointlessHashtags #She'llProbablyFindThisCute
ConnectHook Oct 2015
Oh Language, where hast thou hid thyself?
Thy once-bright spires decline to dust.
The calm, well-reasoned flow of wisdom
a bygone memory. I’ll not trust
these tween-to-twenty-something’s prattle;
endless babble of self-absorption
centered in pleasure-maximizing:
narcissistic thought-abortion.
Dude—they’re SO not app’ed for language
used by dad ten years ago.
I’m totally DONE with their, like, verbiage
They’re all: Smartphone Teenage Show.
It’s just, like, TALKING—without words
in language ghettos; texting proud . . .
Their lack of precision offends my brain—
They ought to be ashamed (out loud).

Vygotsky’s vaunted Z.P.D,
and Bakhtin’s heteroglossic crack
along with Roland Barthe’s pet parrot
Are SO like totally talking smack.

Zoe R Codd Mar 2015
Real communication
Has been lost
In the depths
Of the cloud.

True feeling
Is seldom seen-
Now, thoughts
Are shown
Through emojis.

Does anyone feel
The wholesomeness
Of somebody else's
Voice anymore?

The smell of their
Skin, the faces
That they make, or
Simply- their presence.

Conversations are
Much more
Than the words
Typed out on a
Smartphone screen.

People are meant
To actually be
Sombro Jan 2015
'Do you want to go to a club?' he asked her.
She nodded and might even have smiled
He couldn't tell from
The gloom of her smartphone.

The club had a band and they played all the night
While she was playing Zombie Fight
The crowd got too crazy, and soon went to rush
While she was playing Candy Crush.

Her boyfriend got bored and went for a look
While she was checking her Facebook
He met a girl and he did the deed
While she was checking her Twitter feed.

She went to find him, looked up at the band
Wanted a member to hold by the hand
But they were all taken by girls who could try
While this girl just looked down and checked Spotify.

On the way home she saw a lady
On a Youtube vid' called 'What you've all  paid me.'
The people who watch her all make her life good
Be like her? The girl wished that she could.
It's sad, but I know a lot of people like this. Every time we go out for social events they're buried in their smartphones, not talking.
Praline Poet Aug 2014
My family gives me what I need
My homework drains my cup
My friends remain like silent seeds
My smartphone wakes me up

— The End —