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Alana Jones Oct 2018
Have you ever felt alone?
Have you ever felt disconnected with humanity?
I feel this way all the time.
I am an outcast, and I am alone.
Why do I feel so out of touch?
Socializing is a must, but I’m so out of touch.
I’m not a fan of the pop **** crust.
That was just for fun, but I’m so out of touch.
The moral of the story is, I always feel alone.
I feel disconnected with humanity.
I feel this way all the time.
I am an outcast, and I am alone.
Gioo Mar 2017
I have you in my sight
Time to take that picture
Saving it with your name
So you can look yourself up

Tell me where you are now
I need to know for your safety
Forget about privacy
Everyone's life is becoming an open book

Film all of your surroundings
to give memories more meaning
You look so much more happier
with that shining bright filter on

Slave of the new media
Need to confirm my existence
So please give me your opinion
to make my wasted days count

Conversations made
through meaningless stares at the screen
Real emotions never shown
Only delivered

Have you heard the news?
Why are you ignoring me?
Because everybody else has heard
about the truth of my lies
maggie W Aug 2015
How many is a few? According to an online forum, it means 2-3 .So here I go
Typhoon hits Taiwan today, so I can’t go anywhere but stay at home all day reading and watching movie (Wild Tales). I think should start reading Swann’s Way again. I was quite interested in Proust in my junior year, cause one time my ex said something I called ‘words of wisdom’ ,which echoed with Proust’s words about sleeping. Maybe they are completely unrelated, but while reading Proust I was unconsciously analyzing the reading in Proust’s way: comparing someone I know in real life with the characters in the book; or maybe I was just putting on airs by showing that I know the (far-fetched) relation between what ******* my ex said and Proust’s words… The wind is getting stronger and stronger now and I am wondering where you are. On this lame typhoon day I’m suffocated by the boredom and humidity. I call it poetic nothingness.
sorry not a poem.It's a series of my diaries when Josh tole me he'd"be out of touch for a few days"

— The End —