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J B Moore Jan 17
This is a letter from my future self
To the past and present Me’s
When you’re stuck in the spaces in between,
May this letter set you free.

It’s hard to think of what to say
To my past and present self.
What are the things you need to hear
That would be of use or help.

Surely, whatever I end up choosing
Will be hard upon your ears.
I must address some insecurities
And attack your greatest fears.

Don’t be afraid to take the fast lane,
Though I know you like moving slow,
You see, sometimes, moving quickly
Is the fastest way in which to grow.

I know you like to test the waters
Before gradually wading in,
But life is short, so take the leap
Don’t be so afraid to swim.

Remember life is always worth living
For there are people who truly care.
And when you’re not in that place
Let those who still are know you’re there.

Regardless of your wealth or status
We are each and everyone the same;
Deserving of grace, respect, and kindness
Whether or not you know their name.

Life is an adventure full of memories,
Like scars— just stories waiting to be told.
Just because you open up to someone
Doesn’t mean you’re shouting it to the world.

So take a chance once in awhile,
Go over, talk to her, smile.
Don’t overthink, ask what if, or why.
You’ll never find out unless you try.

Laugh when life gets crazy,
Love her patiently,
Live life in the moment,
Sincerely, “Future Me”.

For some reason, today I got to thinking (as some are wont to do) about what I, in the future, would write to my past self (current present) if I could. You know, the usual stuff people think about. Anyway this is what I came up with.
The Toxic Bitch Dec 2018
I want someone
I could be
Goofy around
Not worry about what to say
No awkward moment
Just shy & clumsy
Someone i could just
Take off my shoes
And slide the whole hallway
To his open arms
Someone i could
Put my ice cold hand
On his neck
Someone i could
Live with
Share a life with
Someone i could
Stay in bed with him
Just cuddle
Have leg fights
Over the blanket
Then end up
Someone i will
Wake up next to
And run make him breakfast
Or doing pancakes together
Dancing our ***** off
In the kitchen
Someone i could
Have a pet with
A cat probably
And wake up next to it
As if it was our baby
J B Moore Dec 2018

Take a minute to think...
...Maybe get a drink.


Now then...
Try again.

Just a goofy idea I had rattling in my brain. It’s a little dumb, but it makes me smile I and that’s enough.
Anya Aug 2018
Yummy yummy
In my tummy
Till I’m full
And then it’s crummy
stopdoopy Sep 2018
I want someone to look at me
the way I look at her

for them to be filled with joy
at seeing me
heart pounding
from a goofy smile

to have someone want
to spend all their free time with me

I want someone to love me
the way I love her
Wanted to release an uplifting poem after the Hozier EP drop, this felt like a good one
Wolftrax Jun 2017
Strawberry Kiwi makes makes me queasy
I know it's a bit crazy, and a bit cheesy
But this place has me so confused, so lost
Sometimes I feel like I'm owning it like a boss
Drinking Green Tea and ******* on a Jolly Rancher
Knowing that the taste is pretty far out there

Been kicked off a horse, been kicked in the nuts
I've seen the sun go down, seen it come up
It's safe to say, I've been running on a lot of luck
My mind is clear, and I'm ready to ride this buck
Don't stop me now, don't get in my way, here I go
I've been working for this, I need to do this, let's roll
Decided to have a little fun with this one, hope you like it. :)
Erin Nicole May 2017
It's quite interesting when you like someone, you start to notice everything about them seems more attractive when it seems normal to everyone else. Their smile seems so much brighter. The sound of their voice is more soothing. Their goofy laugh sounds much cuter. Every little thing about them just reels you in. It's like their imperfections don't seem bad at all. It's funny how our view of someone depends on how we feel about them.
HappyHappyHappy Feb 2017
How come when I know that it'll just hurt, I keep on laughing?

How come when I know it will be only a painful memory for me, but keep on smiling?

How come when I know that you will never love me back, I keep on loving you?

Why do I keep on smearing that fake grin on my face, when I know it's not real?

Goofy me and my goofy acts.

Sad. Despair. Pain. Misery. Tears. Cries. Scars. Anger. Broken.

But I keep on laughing.

hahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahha people laughing is good for your health!!! hahhahahahahahhahaahmerrychristmashahhahahaha(that was random)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mallory Hutson Nov 2016
I am a mother
to four beautiful children
I always put them first
I am not my disease

I am hardworking
One job at a time just isn’t enough
I let nothing slow me down
I am not my disease

I am goofy
I like attention
and I do what it takes to get it
I am not my disease

I am high-spirited
I walk with my family and friends by my side
who love me because,
I am not my disease

I am faithful
With God’s love I will never be powerless
He alone is my reassurance that
I am not my disease

I am strong
I will never lose sight of who I am
I may have this disease but,
I am not my disease
J B Moore Aug 2016
This rhyming tongue twister filled with S's and P's 
Is said by Sally's sickly sister as she sits by the sea
Selling seashells as she tells Peter the Piper
To pick pecks of peppers presently ripe or
Else forage the forest for frog legs and bees.
But beware of the badger's butler named Steve
Who forgot of the fox in the box wearing socks,
Bought by the duck in a truck for a buck by the docks
Where witches make wishes, of which there are three
One wonders, two wander, but which one are thee?

Seashell selling Sally and pepper picking Peter 
Then postulated how preposterous were the nauseous people eaters
Whose purple pales are full of quintessential quantities 
Quietly questioning carefully the existential quandaries
Of buck-riding ducks driving trucks by the docks 
With a box of a fox wearing socks made with locks
Who is literally elated over Luscious Lake
Where lucky duck Luke likes to lick lemon cake,
While eleven benevolent elephants and three blind mice
Might magically master their moves skating on the ice.

Thus this terrific travesty of a terribly twisted tongue twister
Seashell selling Sally sought to share with her sickly-sister 
While the pepper picking piper, Peter, perpetuated his preposterous plan
To provide the purple people eaters with a conundrum of a can.
Can they can as many cans as a can canner could?
Or what of the wood chucking woodchuck should it chuck any wood?
And the purple people eaters ate no purple people that day
Because Sally's sickly sister this tongue twister couldn't say.
And the benevolent elephants and blind mice three
And the licking duck Luke were all laid to rest by the sea.
This is what happens when I stay up til 2 am to write.
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