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Lost Girl Mar 11
I didn’t know what to do
All it took were those three words
Right before our lips touched
And I was speechless
Ooh I was speechless

I closed my eyes and said it too
You smiled as we embraced
And we became one
I was the happiest girl alive

Next thing we know the sun went down
So we stared at the moon and howled
Then we laughed and had some kicks
Nothing with you is ever meaningless

As we lied in bed, I watched you sleep
Once again you took my breath
And I was speechless
Ooh you make me speechless
After so many years in the friendzone, two young adults find that they have truly loved each this whole time but the girl was afraid of relationships. But when they kissed she was speechless.
Darah Galbraith Jun 2019
Sally McLue ate some glue,
and went to the doctors because her insides were sticky.
But the doctors said there was nothing they could do,
so her insides stayed icky.
Now Sally McLue never eats glue,
and she's more picky.
It's THROWBACK THURSDAY! I mean it's actually Monday but I'd forget to post this by Thursday. Anyways, I wrote this in grade 6, I guess I've always been into poetry, even if it was super dumb. Moral of the story: don't eat glue.
Darryl M May 2019
I’m not ready,
but the road would never be steady.
I’m willing to risk failing.

I’ve looked at ladies before and never thought about *******.
But the thought did once run in my mind.
But with you the very thought knows that it’s nasty.
It doesn’t come about.
Though you give me joy,
You ain’t just a toy.
My Barbie doll.

I look at your waist and vision my arms around.
I look at your head and vision a crown for my queen.
I look at your thighs and vision myself making the home run.
I look at your ***** and vision my last toy as an adult.
I look at your behind and vision a new pillow for my bed.
I look at your left hand and vision my ring on your finger.
I look at your lips and vision the wedding kiss.

I never wanted a girlfriend at all.
Then you came along.
I never wanted a flame,
but your love is warm enough.

On loves mark.
Get set for a bumpy ride.
Ready your heart.
Fire up the sparks.
Go on and be my future.
Darryl M May 2019
She gets the story behind the story even if I’ve hidden the story.
Heck, she gets it even if there is no story.
The one who is the work behind my work,
Yet still removes my yoke.

They say beautiful Ones we play with,
Ugly Ones we marry,
What if she’s a beaut and I like her?
It’s beginning to be scary.

She looks good and I keep analyzing the goods.
Her eyes, the shape of a small gem stone.
Her look glows.
She services me with her beauty and I take care of the rest.
My once in a blue moon.
Why would I miss a chance to be with her?

She’s a catch, I want to ******.
But she’s a catch that’s not easy to catch.
She’s a unique one from the batch,
makes me want her more.

Lost in the bushes of my hunt for her.
Her scent gives direction.
Camouflaging all the others away.
Better guiding me towards the real thing.
I’m the compass and she’s the north.

A sip of her love hits the right spot.
Just a shot a day is enough.
But a gulp more is even better.
Intoxicated under her care,
why would I ever want to be sober from her love.
It’s medicine.

She knows all my known unknowns,
And I’m looking to have one of our own,
Coz I believe in us.
Completed: 29th December 2017 [01:45 AM]
=She Understands
Inspired by a Unique WhatsApp Chat.
J B Moore Jan 2019
This is a letter from my future self
To the past and present Me’s
When you’re stuck in the spaces in between,
May this letter set you free.

It’s hard to think of what to say
To my past and present self.
What are the things you need to hear
That would be of use or help.

Surely, whatever I end up choosing
Will be hard upon your ears.
I must address some insecurities
And attack your greatest fears.

Don’t be afraid to take the fast lane,
Though I know you like moving slow,
You see, sometimes, moving quickly
Is the fastest way in which to grow.

I know you like to test the waters
Before gradually wading in,
But life is short, so take the leap
Don’t be so afraid to swim.

Remember life is always worth living
For there are people who truly care.
And when you’re not in that place
Let those who still are know you’re there.

Regardless of your wealth or status
We are each and everyone the same;
Deserving of grace, respect, and kindness
Whether or not you know their name.

Life is an adventure full of memories,
Like scars— just stories waiting to be told.
Just because you open up to someone
Doesn’t mean you’re shouting it to the world.

So take a chance once in awhile,
Go over, talk to her, smile.
Don’t overthink, ask what if, or why.
You’ll never find out unless you try.

Laugh when life gets crazy,
Love her patiently,
Live life in the moment,
Sincerely, “Future Me”.

For some reason, today I got to thinking (as some are wont to do) about what I, in the future, would write to my past self (current present) if I could. You know, the usual stuff people think about. Anyway this is what I came up with.
J B Moore Dec 2018

Take a minute to think...
...Maybe get a drink.


Now then...
Try again.

Just a goofy idea I had rattling in my brain. It’s a little dumb, but it makes me smile I and that’s enough.
Anya Aug 2018
Yummy yummy
In my tummy
Till I’m full
And then it’s crummy
stopdoopy Sep 2018
I want someone to look at me
the way I look at her

for them to be filled with joy
at seeing me
heart pounding
from a goofy smile

to have someone want
to spend all their free time with me

I want someone to love me
the way I love her
Wanted to release an uplifting poem after the Hozier EP drop, this felt like a good one
Wolftrax Jun 2017
Strawberry Kiwi makes makes me queasy
I know it's a bit crazy, and a bit cheesy
But this place has me so confused, so lost
Sometimes I feel like I'm owning it like a boss
Drinking Green Tea and ******* on a Jolly Rancher
Knowing that the taste is pretty far out there

Been kicked off a horse, been kicked in the nuts
I've seen the sun go down, seen it come up
It's safe to say, I've been running on a lot of luck
My mind is clear, and I'm ready to ride this buck
Don't stop me now, don't get in my way, here I go
I've been working for this, I need to do this, let's roll
Decided to have a little fun with this one, hope you like it. :)
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